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  1. Book: Left Behind

    I'm finishing the first book in the series today, yep, I can read at work at times, I'm addicted to reading.

    Just thought I'd add something, just recently I gave my life to the Lord. And when people are being reborn in the book I feel (I know its a story) awesome. I understand what they are feeling inside, and the changes they are going to experience.
  2. These are interesting and easy-read books, but they are not all-truth. Be careful what you read, especially as a new Christian, and search the Word of God to discern the truth of what you read.
  3. Reading

    Welcome, Tyler!
    I am like you. I think I was born with a book in my hand. I read all the time. I surrendered to Christ in January and have found that I am always reading the Bible. There have been lots of other books also, but not as many novels any more. One of my favs is a book called Blessed Child by Bill Bright and Ted Dekker. It's what I'd call a kick butt book. Another one is Deadline by Randy Alcorn. They are both must-read-again books.

    The series you are reading is very good for understanding what we may eventually be going through sooner than we think. But, I chose not to read them because I don't want to be influenced by the message just yet. I am still looking into the Rapture thing in scripture and trying to decide on it as a doctrine.

    I found a book called Decide for Yourself: A Theological Workbook. Someone on this forum recommended it to me and said it was for people who are tired of being told what to believe. Don't get me wrong! I have had lots of questions and there are soooo many people with wisdom on this forum who have really helped me. But there comes a time when you have to look into some things for yourself.

    Hey, it would be interesting to start a club for book reviews. For us bookworms. Actually, I think there is someone on this forum called Bookworm. Welcome and keep recommending books for us. Bonnie
  4. I love to read as well! I've never read that series, but I do find CS Lewis and GK Chesterton among others to be enjoyable, especially their fictional works. ;)
  5. Thanks for the info. GrannyG

    SweetSurr. I'll check out the books you mentioned. From your avatar pic. (all the kids) I bet it's hard to find time to read. I can get away with reading to my 3 year old, but my 6mos. old just wants to eat the pages of the book while I'm reading.
  6. I enjoyed the Narnia books. Any other books by C.S. you'd recommend?
  7. Kids

    HeeHee! Those are not my kids! I love them though. I work at a daycare center with infants to 1 yr. I do work a 10-hr. day though, so when they are all asleep, I have about an hour in which to read. No, I'm a little past that part of my life. My oldest is 33 and the youngest is 28. But, children have always been part of my life.

  8. LOL...:), my wife does daycare, a very tuff job.
  9. Oh yes! :) I also liked reading The Screwtape Letters by him. ;) I think he also wrote a sci-fi series, which I only read a few pages of one day back when I was in high school. :( I couldn't tell you if it was good, but he wrote it, so it probably is! I also remember his book The Great Divorce.
    He also wrote some brilliant essays, like Mere Christianity. ;)
  10. I read the Left Behind books. Probably the best books I have read. I was actually happy one day when I had the flu cause I laid in bed and read all day long.:D
  11. I bought the first book, "Left Behind", a year ago.

    The only thing that kind of wavered me from the books was the whole "Rapture of the Church" thing.

    I don't like reading books that make me more confused about the end times in general. And it lost my interest in about the middle of the book, too. =/

    I guess if you like the dialogue and ignore some of the writer's ideas you may not agree with, it's a fine read. :)

    Though, it may be a tad bit overrated, but that's just my personal opinion.
  12. They're not all truth?? What on earth do you mean?? I read about ten or twelve of those Left Behind novels, and the stuff about Christ being our Lord and Redeeming-Saviour is ALL TRUE, LOL!!!
  13. I think what they were talking about was the part about the Rapture mainly. A lot of mature Christians know so much about doctrine and the Bible, that they tend to not read novels because they are disappointed when the author doesn't agree with their doctrine. Besides, the Rapture is not completely explained in the Bible. There are lots of things we don't know about it.

    I, for one, don't want Left Behind to influence me as to what will happen in the last days. I haven't figured out all that yet. But, then others like only novels and it doesn't bother them to read them. I think it would not be such a bad thing to read sometime. But first I'd like to form my own belief about it. They were only talking about the Rapture, or end times parts of the book, which is what it's all about I guess. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Bonnie
  14. Oh, yes, Sable. I wanted to ask you where you got your name. It's interesting.

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