Book About History Of Bible?

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  1. I've done a little research on but can anyone on here recommend a book that goes into detail about the history of how the Bible worked its way to modern translations?

    I think its important for me to be able to explain the history of it to someone. Also, is there a book that outlines discovered Biblical evidence?

  2. Thanks for the great links. Answersingenesis looks like a very useful site. I didn't know that they were making a full scale replica of Noahs Ark. I've gotta make a trip over there when it opens.
  3. I'm slowly doing a study on the Hebrew language and the amazing messages with each letter. Letters form words to make meaning and create shape as God did to create the universe in Genesis. To answer your question, if you are interested in an outside the box teaching, check out these two youtube videos. It talks about the building blocks of letters which form words which form sentences and on and on. I cannot emphasize enough the awe of the Hebrew alphabet. How long do you think you could talk about the letter A? The Aleph is the equivalent and they can speak an hour on each letter. So, if you are interested on the history of the bible and it's original translation, why don't you start on the building blocks, the letters?

    or if you fast forward the first 20 minutes or so in this video it starts to explain the Hebrew alphabet as well. I really enjoy this guy.

  4. This is a great website for studies on much history of the bible. History of specific translations as well! Calvin linked you to a great website as well.
  5. Neat. I read answers in genesis so long ago, it will be fun to see if they have any new stuff.

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