Bogota, Columbia Volcano erupts, 8,000 flee

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  1. Bogota, Columbia Volcano erupts, 8,000 flee

    8,000 people fleed as a Bogota, Columbia volcano erupted violently today.
    It is estimated that it spewed ashes 5 miles into the air.
    The volcano is the Galeras volcano, located in southwestern Columbia.

    For more information on this, visit, or Google Search it.

    Interesting, I really didn't know they have volcanoes in Columbia until recently.
    Luckily, there were no reports of deaths or serious injuries so that is a good sign.
  2. It is amazing how many major population centers are built near and/or even right on volcanoes.
    There is an old saying "those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it" and I am broght to mind of a little Roman town next to MT Vesuvias.
  3. I agree. Anyone, even a dumb person, nows that building homes/cities near disater areas is a risk. Volcanoes are unpredictable - you never know how OR when it is going to erupt - we have the technology to monitor it, but we also need to be prepared.
  4. i always thought that about san fransisco,why do people build on fault lines.some people are just dumb.
  5. That's true.

    I've been to San Francisco hundreds of times. The area is not very stable. They're near the ocean, they have very weirdly shaped streets, and the bridges are old.

    If a terrible earthquake struck, you have these possibilties:
    1. A tsunami
    2. The streets would collapse and snap, and the buildings would also collapse and break.
    3. The major bridges would fall and kill hundreds of people.

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