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  1. Every member of the church has a part to play and while some parts require more support than others, no one part is more important than any other part.

    It is also vitally important to understand that one part of the body can be working exactly as it is supposed to, but cannot effectively do its assigned tasks without the other parts.

    The heart pumps blood.
    The arteries and veins carry blood.
    The kidneys and liver filter out impurities and toxins in the blood.
    The digestive system takes in nutrients.
    The lungs take in oxygen.

    The heart can do its job perfectly and pump blood for days, but if that blood contains no nutrients or oxygen or contains toxins the body will sicken or die.
    The kidneys can filter blood without fail, but if that blood has no nutrients then the body will sicken and die
    If the veins and arteries do not carry blood to the heart, kidneys, lungs, and other organs then those organs will work until they starve for lack of what they need.

    Those are just a few examples.

    The main point is this: As Christians we have all been given certain gifts for use in the body. We are to use those gifts to glorify Jesus and lift up the church. I may be able to use the gifts I have been given without ever associating with another body of believers, but those gifts only work properly within the church.
    An evangelist may go out and reach thousands, but if he has no where to send those people to be discipled then his task is only partially accomplished.
    A teacher without students is not much of a teacher.
    Etc, etc, etc…

    We excel as a team and can accomplish so much more together than we can apart. We need each other. God has given us gifts that only find their full potential (1 Cor 12:7) when used with the church.
    Last time I checked God is a whole lot smarter than us and can see a great deal farther than we could ever imagine. It makes sense to me that he knows what he is doing. We trust Jesus for our salvation. We should trust that He has it all covered and that He knows what He is doing.

    1 Corinthians 12:12-26 , Hebrews 10:25
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  2. (y)
  3. Yes its good to study basic anatomy...Im quite interested in bones at the moment. What do they do? If you were to name yourself as part of the body what would you be?

    I think maybe I'm a bone. A funny one.
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  4. My mother (a retired physiotherapist) is good with the names of bones and muscles.

    Me, at the moment, maybe I fancy been a spleen. Not having a good time at the moment and at least I could vent it ;-).

    Probably I'm an appendix though. Not really sure what it's there for...
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  5. This point was always emphasized when the Billy Graham organization came to town. Dad was often on the board of these visits, and there was a strong emphasis on the "follow up" aspects.

    I forget the percentage numbers, but it goes something like this as I recall, "out of the large groups that answer to the call to follow Christ at Crusades, only 60% of those, continues on to live in a committed relationship to Jesus Christ. "

    When the Board would meet, and discuss this, they commonly would agree that "follow up" meant more than just recommending a local Church. It meant discipleship on a committed basis, for weeks and sometimes months. Phone calls, visits, all focused on encouragement thru discussion, prayer with the new convert, and "time."

    Time spent is everything in the lives of newborn babes in the Word. It's an investment that yields Heavenly dividends for both the counselor, and the recipient.

  6. I'm glad to hear that they do that follow-up. I"m surprised the number is as high as 60%.
  7. I suppose someone like billy graham would be the lips, and the people following up would be like the arms.
  8. There are OTHER "quotes" out there, as low as 30%. I can't personally say which is more realistic, but I admit to desiring to believe it's as high as 60%. God knows, of course. As long as the people who are called, are doing what they were created to do for Him, the rest is UP to Him; amen!?

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  9. Another OT thought for you, Lanolin if you are trying to work out bones, etc. try to figure out the workings of the hand and think of its flexibility. It alone is an incredible design. Of course as an attempted amateur player of folk music, I can get annoyed when my fingers don't always obey where my mind tries to command them to go - disobedient fingers can be annoying... but the hand with all its dexterity is still amazing.
  10. Good point. (y)
  11. I've used my hands for a long time now, for guitar, mandolin, banjitar, piano, organ, ukulele, and so forth, and I can attest to the stubbornness of fingers at my age (58)! No matter HOW much I play, they don't like it so much anymore.

    That's ok! All Glory to God anyway!!

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  12. Naw!
    Lanolin is better for skin not bone!
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  13. Well, people have either called me skinny or bony.
    More people say im skinny though. Skin is very sensitive I suppose.
  14. Bon(e)y was a warrior.

    Don't go becoming a French Emperor though. It usually winds you up lonely on places like St Helena.
  15. I'm more kind of into Boney M myself.
    By the Rivers of Babylon.
  16. Isn't Lanolin a skin creme anyhow? :D
  17. I've just looked up what it can be used for. Seems to have quite a few applications. From stopping barnacles sticking to boats propellers to lubricating the slide on a trombone!
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