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Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by Jeffin, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Boards upgraded

    We're running the latest version of vBulletin. Just upgraded our forums. Sorry about the short downtime.
  2. Ah cool . and i was looking around for easter eggs . probly no changes visible from the front end eh?
  3. you know it took me 2 weeks to work out you was running VB this skin makes it feel more like IPB lol..
    Anyway loved the update msgs, thanks for giving them, so I knew roughly when to keep refreshing :D
  4. Jeff, Oh my goodness. I almost freaked out. I figured it was juswt an upgrade, so that was why it acted funny for me.
    Anyways, I went to this site. I wasn't logged in, which was weird since I'm logged in 24/7. So I tried logging in, it wouldn't allow me! I thought I got banned. So I tried again, and then it worked. The whole layout was weird and it said there was no content. I clicked somewhere and it came back to normal lol.
  5. Whenever I login, it takes me to a screen that says I don't have if I click "forum" then I can access the forum..wonder why I am having this problem??
  6. That's cuz the "home" tab is visible and it goes there first .
  7. Oh ok..I thought something was wrong with me, heheheeeeeeee:)
  8. It's doing that to me as well. It's really annoying. Every time I exit the screen, I have to log back in. And I keep getting that I can't login. It's annoying lol.
  9. Oh what a pitiful world we do live in..agree?? heheheeeee.
  10. Lol, just because I can't login? No, def not. I'm not that upset hahahaha.
    If I actually was very upset over logging in every time, then that'd just be pathetic lol.
    There's more bigger things out there to be worried about then logging in at CFS :D ha

    you response made me laugh. thanks, i needed that tonight.
    now, i'm off to bed.
    ta-da CFS and preciouspuppy :)
  11. Goodnight lil" you!!!
  12. i lied lol, i def didn't go to bed hahahahah.

    okay, but i have to now. so goodnight. since i have to be up at 730 and it's now almost 10pm!
  13. Sorry guys, I didn't realize I had activated the home page which is the blank page you keep seeing. I'll rectify that.
  14. Yeah . i have to wake up at 5am so maybe i should turn in also . Good night Katie, Puppy, Jeff, and CFS .
  15. Goodnight Michael and everyone. :)
  16. That would be oh so great!! thank you:)
  17. Goodnight Michael..sweet dreams to you.

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