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  1. Board Merger with CFS

    Are you one of those Christian forum owners who don't have time/money/encouragement to take care of your community? But you haven't yet given up because you really want to serve Christians. Do you dream of serving your members better but you just cannot? You wish you had a strong team of moderators supporting your community but you just cannot find any?

    Then dream no more. Make it a reality. Pm me to ask if your board is eligible for a merger with CFS. No, I am not joking. :D
    CFS is an active Christian community growing by the day. The software CFS uses is one of the best available and it is hosted on a powerful Virtual Private Server for a safe and smooth browsing (we sometimes experience lagtimes but we are working on it :p). Merger decision will be made carefully and slooooowly. Right now, I just want to know, how many admins are interested in this idea.

    Note: Only Christian's only boards accepted. Boards once merged will not be separated or refunded. :D

    I have a marketing background and I like using these common advertisement lines. :p
  2. An interesting thought- just be careful and prayerful about who you ask in your house-
  3. Interesting...

    A couple of questions... how much is it, does it have to be hosted on your servers and is there any board migration... in otherwords, if I wanted you all to moderate by forum, do I have to reformatt my board to match yours? Or can I keep everything on my site the way it is and only assign moderations rols to your logins?

    God bless,
  4. Hello Johnathan, it costs nothing(free), it has to be hosted on my servers and it is a board migration. But you don't have to reformat your board because I have a software that should import data from another board. What I would require is your database ftp'd into my hosting account. Members imported into CFS cannot be deleted but if anything goes wrong, you can continue with your old forum because you still keep the original database.

    Right now, I'm just researching to find who all are interested in a merger. :)
  5. IMPEX will do that? That's interesting...and an innovative idea!

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