Blood of God

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  1. Blood of God

    Blood of God cleanse me,
    Grace of God cover me,
    Strength of God carry me,
    Wisdom of God guide me,
    Oil of God permeate all I do,
    Life of God let me abide in Thee.

    Heart of God beat within my own,
    Will of God be my compass in this life,
    Fragrance of God flavor all I touch,
    Joy of God be my strength, Let me abide in Thee.

    Word of God renew my mind,
    Spirit of God come walk with me,
    Knowledge of God grow in my mind,
    Vine of God let Your life flow through me.
    Son of God let me be found in Thee.
  2. Truly beautiful Bo.

    Thanks so much for sharing that with us brother.

    Blessings, Cheri

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