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    Hey i noticed someone commented on one of my blogs .. how did they do that?

    i looked around and couldn't find a button to comment even on another person's blog entry .
  2. I asked that question before and got no answer . I want to know as well cause I was going to comment .
  3. Dusty - Sorry that no one has answered! But I will do my best to answer :)

    Michael - Hi! Okay, so I went to your blogging area. And I chose to click a title of one of your blogs. Once you click the title of a blog, there will be a box to comment on it :) Does that help?
  4. Thanks Katie,

    I see "comments" but no box to type in . it must be a technical thing .
  5. No problem.

    So there's no box that says "Leave a comment."?
  6. no .. i can't see one . i even tried clicking on the blank stuff under it and typing random keystrokes .. nothing appeared .
  7. Alright. I'll report this post and see if Jeff can figure it out :) Hopefully we can help ya!

    And yes, I'm sure it's a glitch or something!
  8. Nope .. but thanks for confirming i was going to the right place . that will be helpful to Jeff .
  9. There is no glitch in the system. You can reply to blogs. On the botton left you will see "0 comments" click on the word comment and the page will open up for any member to comment on a blog.

    Hope this helps,

  10. Also when you go into the blog area, click on "Blog Settings" and on the left side, click on "Permissions and Privacy" and make sure that you have the permissions you want. Make sure you have the check mark in Leave comments on your blog entries.

    Make sure you click on "save" to save your settings.
  11. Tried that . but the dialogue box doesn't appear . what is it constructed of? Java? Javascript? flash?

    That's been done for a while . but it seems to work for Jesus Loves All . so i believe it is working .. just not working for me .
  12. katie .... I have the box but cannot click on anything to comment .
  13. Just jumpin' on the bandwagon. I wanted to comment on a blog about a week ago, but for the life of me couldn't figure out how.
  14. Hey Dusty and Rumely! Godbe4me offered some advice! Check it out :)
  15. As a Guest
    As myself

    Cannot seem to find the place in the script where the box is supposed to appear . not sure if that helps or not . could PM someone the whole view source for analysis if they wanted . would be fun to comment on other people's blogs but just can't . odd anyway .

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