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    Tried posting a blog but it won't let me... Is there a policy that i need to reach posts of 1,000 before i can post a blog?
  2. Hmm .. well i haven't reached 1000 . . . yet ;)

    wish i could remember that part . i recall having to create one first . i'm sure a nice admin or mod will come along with detailed instructions eventually ..
  3. I know there are some features that require a certain number of posts before they activate. Can't remember if blogging is one of them. If so, it would be more like 25 or 50 posts rather than 1000.
  4. Blessings,

    What messages are you getting which is preventing you from posting in the blog area.

    God bless,

  5. Wait....never mind. I found your blog posting, Jeenn, so it posted after all...looks like shortly after you started this thread, so everything is fine.
  6. Thanks for the update....So all is fine

    God bless,


  7. Yes right... Thank you very much though for responding... :)

  8. Never mind guys... I already posted my blog and it was there... Thanks a lot for the help though... :)

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