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  1. Blessed

    Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted .... Matthew 5: 4

    Sorrow can be a source of blessing . Hard to imagine but we all have sorrow to go through in our lives and how we handle it is another story and Jesus tells us our Chrsitian life will not be all joy and laughter .

    This verse almost says to me " Happy are the unhappy " now how on earth if we are unhappy could we be happy ?

    Jesus promises comfort not just to those who mourn the loss of a loved one , but those who mourn the loss of innocense , their righteousness or their self respect. It is not the sorrow of bereavenment to which Christ refers , but the sorrow of repentance.

    God's heart is to comfort and is telling us when we are sad , God will comfort us .

    When we have self pity and grieving , we are feeling sorry for ourselves but that never solves the problem as the problem keeps getting bigger and focusing on self instead of giving the hurt to God .

    Genuine greaving with an attitude of prayer and thanksgiving lifts our spirits and we focus on God and His plan and solution.

    Then and only then will we experience a peace that passes all understanding and we can rest in Him , knowing that He will look after the problem .

    Philippians 4:7
    And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
  2. Thanks Dusty! I needed this today!

    I think of it like this . . .

    The unhappy can be happy in knowing that God is the ultimate comforter.

    Just knowing that truth makes me happy.

    I have to admit that even when my life seems to be falling apart -
    I take great comfort in knowing that God will never leave me nor forsake me.

    I take great comfort in knowing that He is always working everything together for my good,
    because I love Him and I am the called according to His purpose.

    Romans 8:28

  3. Blessings to you Dusty for posting this. I wanted to respond to this yesterday but was not feeling well at all. I do however feel a little better. But yes, He comforts us and heals us and protects us. Even when we don't feel like we are, He is always there. This takes me back to a time that was really hard for me and I prayed and prayed to God continually. As the days went on, I realized He was there and it's a week later and my bills are paid, I have food to eat. It was those things that God made sure was done. Oh, how I love the Lord for He will never leave us nor forsake us.

  4. Amen sweetheart and you really do know about all those heartaches and God is doing a wonderful work in and through you .
  5. Amen my dear we serve a Big God ... Bigger than all our problems and over the years I have learned that when we put our trust in Him awesome things happen . He is the same yesterday , today and forever.

    OUr God of Wonders.
  6. Amen! However, sometimes it seems He's working overtime on me. :D

    But, I have to admit that my trials have truly made me stronger and more compassionate. And, that my sister is a God thang!

  7. I really don't know how this works, but it really does. Thanks for posting it, Dusty.

    Good Day and God Bless
  8. Amen illinijasg ..... I don't how how either but it is God and I am so priviledged to have Him as my peace .

    Isaiah 52:7
    How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, "Your God reigns!"

    Talking about peace . I heard pastor say this weekend and I thought I would share , Cause I never heard that before.

    When Moses was told to take off his shoes before he went up the mountain , God told him to take off his shoes because he was on holy ground .

    While Moses was up on the mountain God filled Moses shoes with His Holyiness so that everywhere Moses walked the ground was holy . Moses surrendered his feet to God so every where he went he brought good news of peace .

    Likewise we should also ask God to make our feet holy so tha we will not go where He does not want us to go and we will walk in our Saviour"s steps , every day guided by Him .

    Now I am thinking more about why Jesus washed the disciples feet and we can also relate to that as well, just as we are disciples for Him as well .

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