Blessed Solitude

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  1. For a saint to have solitude is of the greatest importance, because it is then the heart strengthens its fellowship with God, who alone has entrance into our most solitary retreats. When we are thoroughly alone and apart, He loves to be our companion; it is, so to speak, the time for Him to come, like a ray of light which penetrates into the dark cavern wherever it can, and to the inmate of the cavern, never was light more prized.

    I believe there are two things learned in solitude that cannot be learned otherwise—one, that I see myself apart from everyone and everything, a very necessary matter; and the other, that I see the Lord Jesus in quite a peculiar light, in a singular and unique way, apart from everything and everyone. His individuality, blessed be His name, comes out to me in solitude in a way it never does in a crowd. The Song of Solomon gives you the idea of this: what one is oneself when quite alone, and what He is to one thus alone.

    When I am alone with Him He obtains His singularly preeminent place, not as a Savior, though He is that to faith; but He is known to the heart as the Sun. He “rules the day,” so that when all other objects are visible, He is still entirely preeminent, and the sense of His preeminence, well-known and well-sustained, is the most effectual resource for the heart all the day long, and abides with it through its most anxious moments. In solitude with Him the value and resources He is to the heart are learned, and when busied in duties it turns to Him as the needle to the pole, or as the flower to the sun.

    Where the soul has acquired the sense of His preeminence in its solitude, when it has to return to others and to duties, everything falls in relation to Him. He is first, and things and people assume and derive importance, not as to whether they are pleasing or otherwise, but as they relate to Him. If you make the claims on you the sun of your system, instead of the Lord Jesus, then whatever seems to come short throws your day into darkness, because the claims are not answered as you desire them to be, and there is the sense of an eclipse.

    If the Lord Jesus were the distinct, known magnet to you, every day would be less anxious, and you would fulfill each better, and instead of being saddened and disappointed, you would hear His, “She hath done what she could” (Mark 14:8); and with this you would have a weight that would render whatever you did more appreciated. Love never likes to see its object needing. It serves because it loves; you are trying to arrange your world with only a lamp in your hand; why, if you had a sun all would be easy enough. It is in solitude with the Lord Jesus that one learns to find Him as the Sun. When the heart has found its rest and satisfaction in Him, it can turn to Him naturally and continually in every circumstance.

    - J B Stoney

    MJS devotional for Sept. 19:
    "I can always know when the Holy Spirit is leading me, because He ever occupies me with the Lord Jesus. True, He may have to call attention to my own condition, but if He does, He turns me to the Lord Jesus, not merely to convict me, but to relieve me." -J.B.S.

    "Spiritual growth is the Holy Spirit engraving the Lord Jesus on a man’s heart, putting Him into his thoughts, his words, and his ways, just as the Law was engraved upon stones. It is not that there is no failure. A man who is seeking to make money does not always succeed; but everybody knows what his object is. Just so, the Lord Jesus Christ is the object of the believer’s life." -J.N.D.
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  2. Amen!!! I have run from solitude so much in my life. I'm still working on balancing between isolating myself to be only with God and allowing my old habits of distracting myself and filling myself with my own thoughts or the presence of others, but I have learned to love that place alone with the Lord. And I praise him for leading me there and using it to work in me and fill me with the immeasurable peace of His presence.
  3. More than 80% of my life has been alone. We can be alone in a crowd.
    At first I sought isolation for survival reasons.
    Been homeless for a few years too.
    Lived in the wilderness for a few years and got clean and sober out there, and not by choice. It was AA or Amen.
    Discovered a loving God, and isolation turned to solitude.
    Basically live a hermit existence of solitude for last 30 years now.
    Only got the computer for Internet (mainly for education and forums).
    Live in silence, no TV, no radio. I prefer the sounds of nature over anything else.
    Pray and meditate daily. God and Christ are my best friends (so to speak). I talk to them (in my mind) everyday.
    My cup runneth over.
  4. Hi SS and thanks for your reply! I believe He is always teaching us the peace we can have in Him and that He always leads us to this. I've learned our alone-time is mostly useful for evaluating our fellowship with God and determining its closeness with Him (Jam 4:8).

    As for producing this nearness I found it's mostly done by spending time with other believers, esp. through Church, which is where He teaches us the most because the fellowship of the saints is the next most important thing, it being the Lord's greatest desire (Jhn 15:12). Nearness to Him and other believers also strengthens our faith and our witness-ourteach the most.

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  5. Hi Pete! Thank you for the reply and sharing this. I'm glad to know a Brother of mine is doing well after such a battle. As you can see my reply to SS I shared the significance of being with other believers though, but this is not an instruction, just saying buddy. God bless!

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