Bless Me Lord. How?

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  1. Some 27 per cent ($63) of the weekly food and beverage bill in 2009/10 went on eating out and fast food.
    But alcohol was the next biggest expenditure item at 14 per cent ($32). That's as much as households spend each week on electricity and gas.
    extra foods" - such as takeaway, crisps, sweet biscuits, pastries, confectionery, soft drinks and alcohol - are generally high in energy and low in nutrients.
    "On average extra foods contributed to 36 per cent of energy intake for adults and 41 per cent for children which is more than the recommended zero to three serves of extras per day," Ms McGlynn said.
    Some 23 per cent of children and 60 per cent of adults in Australia are now overweight or obese.
    households are, nevertheless, still throwing out $600 worth of food each year
    IF the average smoker smokes one pack per day.
    $5.50 per day gives a monthly average of $165.00 spent on cigarettes. If , instead of spending it on cigarettes, you were to just save that $165.00 every month in a jar where it earned no interest whatsoever, you would have the following: $9,900 in five years.
    GAMBLING: Analysis of Australian Bureau of Statistics data by CommSec found the average Australian household spent $2292 a year.
    So how can God bless you financially?
    Well, repent of smoking, drinking excessively, gambling, eating out more then once a fortnight, fast food junk foods soft drinks, and eat everything in the fridge, waste nothing.

    IF you are walking in the above you are blowing about 5000 a year.
    So when you become a Christian its important to repent of those bondages before you
    come to God and say poor me, bless me.
  2. Interesting post.. And interesting thoughts..
  3. Thallon Hello,
    Brother I love you but you got this all wrong and backwards to say the least.
    If a person could repent (turn another way) from these things we would not be in need of a Savior. Sin is bondage and that is why GOD in all His wisdom said Come unto me all that are weary and heavy burdened or in other words come to me just as you are and trust in me and I will clean you up and give you a new and sin cleansed life.

    Joh 3:16 starts off with WHO SO EVER.........This means any one, any one at of the biggest lies of the devil is that you have to get your life in order before going to God. That lie is to KEEP YOU AWAY from God.

    Better said......Open the door unto Jesus and let Him come in and take a meal with you and if you ask Him to stay He will never leave you nor forske you. Then He will begin to clean you up and your life day by day. OBTW most of those bondages and adictions would fall to the way side as Jesus became your Lord and Savior.....
    Just my 2 cents worth

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