Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit

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  1. Yeah Dusty, a number of things Jesus need to be taken in context of the transitional period they were spoken in . Back then, nobody had the holy spirit indwelling them .. so it was a danger .
  2. Blessings.
  3. Cool .

    I've seen a number of ministries that specialize on a type of teaching that borders on blaspheming the Holy Spirit . what would your take on that be?
  4. Michael,
    This is an exception not the rule. Yes the Lord can keep us and if we repent the Lord forgives. But a person has a free will to purposely turned from God and go his own way if he wishes, if He does not want Him anymore. We can not disregard the fact this verse says this is one who was once enlighten and even a partaker of the Holy Ghost.

  5. Agree to disagree . God is not powerless . and is able to keep us from falling .

    God's ability to keep us is based on Him, not us .

    there was a covenant when His ability to keep us was based on our own effort . but Jesus nailed that covenant to the cross .
  6. Yikes.. let's not turn this into a discussion of free will.. we'll get way off-topic if that happens
  7. I'd say when they call people who are spirit filled, demonic or a false prophet or a cult. Even criticize what happens in the services of some churches where the power of God is.
  8. I've agreed to disagree . so there may be one more response re: Free Willie soteriology aquarium . but i'm done at the moment .

  9. so .. what is the biblical instruction regarding such things? How does one respond? do we at all? Just let them fall into the ditch? on a relational level what's the bible say regarding relating to people who hold such views? because if they are indeed blaspheming the holy spirit .. then this is a serious matter . but we are still called to love our neighbour .. so thus the question begged .
  10. Ok another thought that I throw into the mix besides the Pharasees accusing Jeus of perfoming satanic acts and they did not want to accept Him as the Messiah .

    The unforgiveable sin of speaking against the Holy Spirit has been interpreted in various ways , But the true meaning cannot contradict other scripture .

    It is clear that the one forgivable sin is permanently rejecting Christ ..... John 3:18 and John 3:36

    18Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God's one and only Son

    36Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God's wrath remains on him

    Speaking against the Holy Spirit is the same as rejecting Christ with such finality that no future repentance is possible

    God said my spirit will not always strive with man .... Genesis 6: 3

  11. I agree to disagree with salespitch gospel . i won't elaborate because i've spent enough time in the
    Free Willie Soteriology Aquarium today . but i know lots of people who rejected the messenger strongly at first but not the Christ being spoken of . no one can know the heart, only God .
  12. That's fine Michael . You can disagree but it is not a salespitch and I don't really like that word . What I am saying is some one who actually hardens their heart and turns there back on God and says there is not God and refuses to repent. I am talking about those who never repent.

    Yes there are those who reject Christ at first and do come to the Lord and I am not talking about those people .

    Please do not try to twist this into something that is not and with that I will withdrow from the conversation because I do not want to be accused of upsetting and apple cart . I said my points and am done .... Thanks and God Bless.
  13. Aww, don't go being offended .

    "take it or leave it" just sounds pitchy . and God gives lots of chances .. that's all .

    (and no, what you clarified . is not what it appeared at first . apologies how the tenor of the thread painted my perception)

    sorry if i sounded argumentative .
  14. okie .. i'm outta here too . i'm surprised things went as well as they did considering the topic . and sorry again Dusty .

    Blessings .
  15. I used to think I was a Christian 10 years ago.
    But I wasnt - Now I have seen the Holy Spirit at work and felt the Holy Spirit at work, I realize that I had never seen Him before.
    I could not blasphemy Him knowing the work He does now and I dont think I could even fall away from God, Hes just shown me to much.
    So I would still have to say that a proper Christian thats somewhat maturing towards the Holy Spirit couldn't commit this. - Unless they were doing so because they think they are "Bigger than God"
    My thoughts are not my heart and in fact they only become thoughts when I try to make them NOT be there.
    I dislike them so much I wont even repeat them. - I respect God and His Holy Spirit so much I wouldnt even repeat the words to share with others whats going on.
    Its all a battle of my mind, it seems satan is trying to get me to thinking I have committed this, so I will give up.

    The Holy Spirit is obviously in me, so much has been accomplished already and without His conviction I wouldn't care when I sin, but as it stands I REALLY care when I sin, so much that I am even trying to remove bad thoughts about people and lust thought.
    So I am not just worried about sinful actions, but sinful thought.
  16. And this is basically the sin, without going in to detail.

    This is what I think now:
    It is permanent rejection of God, it is rejection of the Holy Spirit.

    This sin is worse than just saying a few unmeant words (Or even thoughts), God dont play games with our salvation! so its obviously NOTHING to do with unmeant words, more to do with the rejection of our lord and knowingly (Not MISTAKENLY) calling the Holy Spirit you know whats works. ( I wont even say it, because I have that much respect for the AMAZING HOLY SPIRIT!)
    It is a statement that you are bigger than God and reject what He has openly offered you and want to be with satan? (Maybe)
    It is imposable for any one God opens the Kingdom up to do, absolutely impossible. (Well I sure hope you wouldn't reject God when He made Himself Obviously clear to you)

    A side note (Thought): You can only speak against what you KNOW! -
    And we must remember that God wants us to be able to discern Good from evil. - How can we do that if we fear of accidental blasphemy of the Holy Spirit? (This is a question for anyone who thinks it is unmeant words BTW so feel free to reply)

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