Black Friday

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Unregistered, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. Black Friday

    Can anybody tell me why the Friday after Thanksgiving is called " Black Friday "
  2. Not positive, but that is the biggest day of the year for merchants and they make a huge profit, in the black, not in the red.
  3. That's right GodSpeaks. Many stores on this day sell so much they are in the black (or a positive balance), instead of the red (negative balance).
  4. Because it's by far the worst day of the year. Ever go shopping on black Friday? People will fight over items especially items that their kids want for Christmas. People have even been killed over items.
  5. People can get greedy and act that way at times, grabbing things from others. :sad:

    Last year someone got trambled to death at Walmart when they opened to door after they were standing there for hours. So this year they are keeping the store open so that won't happen. There's too much emphasis put on the commercialization of Christmas or things like that wouldn't happen

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