Birth Injuries

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  1. Birth Injuries

    Sierra and Jay gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Carter on June 7th, 2007. They had no idea their world was going to change drastically.
    In the hospital, Sierra had a high temperature and Carter's heart rate was over 200. The doctors had finally decided to do a c-section but didn't come back to Sierra until almost 2 1/2 hours later. At that point, they told her to start pushing. After 1 1/2 hours of pushing, Carter arrives into the world. He had lack of oxygen, causing brain damage and a collapsed lung. Sierra urges everyone to make sure their doctor can perform a c-section (her doctor could only assist) and that their hospital can care for an infant who may need to be immediately placed in the NICU.
    Carter now has episodes of Apnea almost daily. Apnea is when you just stop breathing. He is on a monitor that monitors his breathing and his heart rate 24 hours a day. He is also on an oximeter, which measures his oxygen level. One of his lungs has collapsed 2 times since birth and he is now on medicine for seizures. Carter also suffers from Hypotonia, which is low muscle tone. He is very floppy and the doctors are not sure if he will ever walk. He is being fed through a G tube (feeding tube). The G tube surgery was his first surgery and he did very well. Carter also cannot go to the bathroom on his own due to the brain damage and is on 3 different laxatives, 7 times a day. The family and doctors are also not sure Carter is hearing or seeing very well.
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