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  1. Birds

    I love animals, all animals, and I know God has given me that love and talent with them.

    One animal I would like to put up pictures for is the amazing bird, the avian. They're beautiful, powerful creatures. Even the tiniest sparrow is something of a wonder!

    This picture is kind of large, but it's a Mourning Dove, btw. :D
  2. I love birds too!!!


    That was a beautiful picture~
    Thank you!

  3. I didn't realize Morning Doves have such huge eyes. Very pretty.
  4. Much prettier than the birds I see on the freeway during rush hour traffic. :eek:
  5. My wifes cats seem to like them too!
  6. I am a bird lover too......does anyone have a bird for a pet? I have a love bird who is absolutely adorable! A real comic acrobat!

  7. Yeah! I have two Zebra Finches, Sunny and Snowflake. ^^ I lovers them, they are my bestest friends.

    LOL @ WHO AM I.
  8. Nearer....have you ever checked out It's an excellent forum! AND.......please show us your finches~!
  9. No, I haven't! I was about to join a Zebra Finch forum but I forget the URL.

    Sure! I have a MacBook, so I'll snap some pictures while I'm chatting with me boo boo babies. :D
  10. sorry :eek:
  11. Nearer... We hve a lot of morning doves around here and I love to hear their soft cooing sound.
  12. A photograher friend took this picture of a humming bird .

  13. Dusty~
    That is an awesome pic of a Hummer!

  14. Awwww, what a cute little hummy! :D

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