Bipolar Individuals and Depression

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  1. Those with a bipolar disorder have episodes of depression. They need help during this period but many times because of their sometimes bizarre behavior during their manic episodes they have no friends or family members that want to deal with them. If you have a friend or family member who is bipolar try to stick with them as best you can. Here is an excellent source of information. Of course prayers never hurt.
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  2. You are correct.

    Not only is the dis-order cripling to the indivdual, the side effects of the medication needed to controle it, is sometimes as bad for them as is the dis-order itself.

    My mother has this problem now for the past 40 years and she lives with us now. We have seen it 1st hand and it requires a lot of love and pactients to deal with.
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  3. I have been diagnosed with P.T.S.D non military related, bi - polar depression and a chemical imbalance of the brain. The medications I am on are zanax 4 half pills a day at 2mg and 1 half at night at 4mg. Also on Paxill at 20mg 1 pill a day and Trazadone half a pill to 3 pills at bed depending on what dose works 50mg. It us very hard to cope with. The past few weeks had been very trying as to the reason why I haven't been on. my first time to live alone hasn't helped either. I've always lived with my ex boyfriends besides my last one who has been helping me every single day since the day we met. He helped get me the help I'm receiving now but I hate all the medications. I am happy because they want to ween me off the zanax officially and put ablilify on the menu. I moved a couple years ago down here and any one I had made friends with I lost contact with because either numbers have changed or people have moved. I only have my ex, my doctors', and my father up in NY that has been trying to help. Yesterday was the worse. I get panic and anxiety attacks though they only last about an hour. But I've been having an anxiety attack since 530pm Monday night. So, all the dr's did was pump me with extra meds. Then in which I ran out a week early and going through the withdrawal of the zanax was awful. I'm hoping this is my last refill of it. It is very tough because the PTSD doesn't help when the anxiety sets in. I'm learning a little on controlling the depression and my father sent me a book in the mail called "A More Excellent Way to Be in Health" by Henry W. Wright so I start reading that today. It's scary and as I've been getting closer to The Lord the enemy hates it and is trying what he can do to stop it, like my car has a spare and transmission is about to go, still no job since Dec. 2011, live alone, no friends to talk to, some family about an hour drive away they came and spent the night last night which helped a lot, but it's just been one thing after another but I love it because he isn't gaining control of me back and he knows it.
  4. You have my prayers my lady.

    Feel free to talk with me anytime. I am very familiar with the things you are posting. I would also encourage you to find a good Christian church that has some members who are willing to help you by being friends with you. A good church will have a caring pastor who will already have some members he has idenitified to be a help to people who need it. Do not be afraid to ask!!!

    Have you thought about asking your father to allow you to stay with him for awhile. I have a daughter myself and I know and so does she that she has always been welcomed back home.???

    I would encourage you to get off Zannex as well. It is not something you want to take long term.
  5. Thank you very much! My parents divorced when I was young. He lives up in NY and I'm in NC. Though my mother, daughter, and step father live down this way and mom has been trying to help as much especially this week. She slept over last night and we got my meds today. I've been still looking around for a good Christian Church. Every Sunday I go to a different to see how the comfort feels. I think I did find one, I am going back tomorrow and planned on talking with the pastor. At this point and the learning I've been going through with other things, I haven't been afraid to ask much of anything anymore! If I was back up NY my dad would. Him and I have talked every day this week a couple times a day he learning what all the disabilities are and what they do to one. Oh they will be as soon as the Paxill starts working. They said this should be my last refill of Zanax. And when we get half way through they will start weening me off more and more. If I could back to my dad's I would. my mother and I have our problems, always have but she has been trying to learn more also especially the P.T.S.D. and I have gone down to them to spend the nights I feel too alone. I appreciate your sincerity, and when things come up I will message you. It is nice to have others to talk to with the same ailments. I started my own free forum, even though I'm the only member right now for people with these and other disabilities. I've been getting the word out there and a gentleman i talk with in the UK on facebook have the same thing but also with fibromyalgia. He has many people he knows and is sending them the link today so we can all get together in one spot and talk, help each other and learn more.
  6. It sounds like you are on the right path to recovery. It is very important to take your medication even when you do feel better!!

    When looking for the church, remember to listen carfully and see if the pastor is preaching from the Bible. It is important to be in a Bible believing church.
  7. That's what I've been looking for in a church. There is one I am going to again tomorrow. They give a lot to the community and the pastor is very sincere. They even took with their first year offerings the money to build a little coffee shop right across from the church called Holy Grounds :) I thought that was cute and I volunteer there Tues and Thurs on food bank days. They are open for one hour for people to come to the food bank and get what they need. Since I've been helping they are able to move faster and more people have been coming for help. Also, after you pay for your cup of coffee every cup after that before you leave is free. They have many different things they do there during the week and on the other nights the church has different kinds of events. I first need to get comfortable. It's hard for me to just jump right in I need to ease myself in but I get a good warm feeling about it so I am excited about going tomorrow. Oh and the songs they sing remid of ones we use to sing up at my old church and a couple I hadn't known the names to they sang and that was another thing that gives me the warm feeling that The Lord knows I love those couple songs and any church I've been to since I had gone many years ago back home never sang them. I believe the Holy Spirit has told me that I found my home :) I do take my meds no matter what. This week was an extremely hard almost out of control week but am doing better today more calm, still a little anxious because you get wondering when or what is going to trigger that next flashback.

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