Billy Graham To Release New Video Message, 'heaven' For 96th Birthday

Discussion in 'Evangelism' started by Scripture Bird, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. I don't really like scare tactics to bring people to Christ.
  2. Neither does The King. Especially when they are trying to pick a date.
  3. I think there are those who would say that the threat per scripture of burning in the bottomless pit of Hell if one dies unrepentant of their sins, was the first so called scare tactic used to bring people to Christ.
  4. Certainly, using it as a scare tactics is not right.. Balance is important.. Not preaching consequences is also bad.. Telling people half truth is bad.. We see all through the Bible on how prophets warned the Israelites of upcoming judgement.. If they don't repent.. They also spoke how God will forgive them and bless them if they only repent.. So judgement and redemption are to be preached together.. One without the other would only be half truth..
  5. That I agree.. I don't know why people try to guess the time when Word clearly says no one knows the time! Apostles thought Jesus was going to come down any time.. And we are to live expecting the same.. But to claim they had prophetic revelation that only little time is left, is not correct.. Proclaiming we are in last days is very different from quantifying what the last days mean.. That is where modern day prophets mislead people..
  6. To me, saying something is coming "soon" is a lie. Most people assume that "soon" means next week or something when in reality they have no idea. It could be 2000 years from now for all we know.
  7. I think I misread your post.. I agree with what you just said.. I just echoed the same in my previous post :)

    The statement we are in last days is true.. But to quantify what last days mean is wrong.. We are in last days because there is nothing else left in the calendar to happen.. Everything has happened and next even in calendar is rapture.. That is why we are in last days.. It could be 2000 years more or before I finish typing this post.. Well, not yet..
  8. You're alright. I didn't know if you misread it or not but decided to elaborate anyway.

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