Biggest Hollywood Fails at Christianity

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  1. What do You Think are Some of the Most Colossal Hollywood Fails at Christianity and the Bible Depicted in Entertainment Media?
    The Book of Daniel comes to Mind:
    Not to mention the "Biblical" movie Noah with Giant Rock Creatures lol. Why does Hollywood get Atheist Directors to do a Religious Movie? Never mind, stupid question :)
  2. They're trying to aspire to Christians - it's safe to say; they're doing a terrible job.
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  3. Hollywood is the devil's playground. Its all meant to decieve people into thinking things other than what the Word of God says.
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  4. That's Hollywood itself.
  5. Do not consult mediums...and hollywood is a medium cos its media. Its job is to fool ppl and part them from their money and steal ppls souls.

    Read the Bible, get the Word straight from God himself.

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