Big Old Barn

Discussion in 'Gallery' started by Euphemia, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. This was my first attempt at the medium of watercolor. I think watercolor is the most difficult of all painting media!!

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  2. Very nice!

    I agree....water colour is tough to work with for sure.
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  3. Wow - looks very good!
  4. Thank you, John!
  5. I love your painting!!! My wife did watercolors too and said the exact same thing!
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  6. Thank you...your wife did the same painting? Wow!
  7. No :) She said that watercolors were hard to paint with.
  8. Oh! Yes, it is a very precise medium. I prefer oils, but the cleanup is a pain!
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  9. Very Nice,
    Perhaps I will send you a picture of our new home once we take purchase of it.
    49 feet of beautiful curves and lines and so much more. Make a nice wall hanging in the sallon or even in the master state room.
  10. That would be super!
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  11. Euphemia, you did a fantastic first watercolor painting. Your developed oil painting skills had been an asset.
    Yes I agree about the medium, watercolor is very fast and tricky. Faith plays a big part in it, because it is not an easy process to make corrections. And it is back-to-front to oil painting.
    It's been a long time since I done watercolors. My t-shirts and mouth were always smeared with excess paint ... no time for using anything else, must keep it, or that section, wet until done.
    Great effort!
    Are we going to be bless with future watercolors from you Euphemia? I hope so.
  12. Yes! Back-to-front is the right way to put it, and that requires almost a mathematical mind which I do not have!

    I have put my brushes to rest for some time now because of depression, but now that I am free, I am beginning to get my inspiration back. I think I may try my hand at some watercolour with ink, or some acrylic this summer. My goal is to re-create a painting I did a few years ago here:

    "fearfully And Wonderfully Made"

    ...and get prints made so I can sell them.
  13. A beautiful painting, and an interesting title.

    When you say 'ink' are you referring to just black, or and/or other coloured inks? Are you familiar with inks?
  14. Thank you! I actually am very pleased with it, and mys sister has it gracing her living room!

    I am wanting to try India ink as an accent for a watercolour work.
  15. Good idea. Some inks have a sheen to them when they dry, or blotchy in large areas. It would be a shame to wreck the watercolor painting to a blemished/unwanted black background.
    Here is a webpage that gives the properties of certain black inks.
  16. Thank you! I will refer to it.

    I am thinking of simply doing some simple watercolours to get myself re-started and use the ink to outline or include some crosshatching, etc for depth. I have seen quite a few watercolours done that way recently, and I have quite liked them. Being more into realism, and portraiture, this is going to be a new stepping-off point. In fact, I am going to start doing some abstracts in mixed media which I have done before and was commissioned to do a piece once, and boy, was it fulfilling!
  17. That is beautiful!

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