Big Hello from Louisiana!

Discussion in 'New Members Welcome' started by AmericanAngel, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Big Hello from Louisiana!

    Just saying glad to find this site. Been lurkin around a short time. This site seems much easier to use.
    I live in Lake Charles. A "Rita" surviver! And a backlash surviver of "Katrina"!
  2. Hello and welcome!

    This is a great site indeed. I bet you have some stories to tell about Rita and Katrina. Look forward to hearing them.

  3. AmericanAngel-welcome- at last another Louisianian- it is good to have you here- the winds may blow and the waters may rise but after all is said and done WE STILL STAND BY THE GRACE OF OUR GOD!
  4. Greetings and welcome to CFS... we are almost neighbors - just two states over in coastal Alabama... Dennis, Ivan, Rita, Katrina, etc... never ending hurricane concerns. Very glad that you are with us and survived the most recent 'canes.

    You are only 185 miles west of Larry (Boanerges)... and only 370 miles west of one of our Chapels in Baldwin County, Alabama. Good to see you here.
  5. Tally ho! Welcome to our humble abode!
  6. Thanks everyone! I have lots of footage and pictures. I've been to Cameron a little while after they opened it up to those who live(d) out there to start cleaning up and repair or rebuild, but had to be out by nightfall. Unbelievable. Sad. It used to be a summertime hangout.
    Our area was also heavely damaged. But we Cajuns know how to fend for ourselves! haha :D Lake Charles came together and helped each other, we did not wait on uncle sam. BTW we did not recieve our $2000 for evacuating.Oh the stories that can be told about FEMA!:confused:

    I don't know what to say about New Orleans. I've heard it all I tell ya! But seriously, all that could go wrong, did. Oh, the stories I have heard from bus drivers. But ,the good that did come out of it was how many people went out of their way to help each other. Red tape hasn't held us back, but it seems like New Orleans is stuck in neutral. I visited their 6-flags back in June 2005! Walked through the flea-markets but didn't go to Bourbon st. It was beautiful yet scary. I never seen so many Voodoo dolls and stuff in my life! They say New Orleans is a state within a state. It is also called Sin City. I did like the music and the coffee places.
    It might just take people like Jolie and Pitt (Not sure if I can insert info, but I googled Jolie new orleans and there is info about them) and my favorite guitarist, Mr. The Edge has played in the Jazz Fests and donated his fav. guitar for the music instruments for New Orleans!;)

    But anyway.... I thought that I would not be able to go to a concert right after "Rita", but, it REALLY WAS A BLESSING! that I could make it. I got to see my all time favorite band, U2 in concert in Houston, Tx. Oct 28th 2005!! :) :p
  7. New Orleans Doesn't Look To Much Different Today Than It Did 18 Months Ago- If You Drive Thru The City You Don't See Many People And Whole Sections Of The City Still Have No Utilites- Driving Around Would Not Leave You With A Good Feeling -
  8. Ditto Boanerges.:( (I need to be careful how I say things...) Old habits are hard to break, traditions and the same way of doing things are easier said than done. The crime rate is off the charts! Very dangerous for unfamiliar persons. Law enforcement needs revamping, reforming, healing. Government run facilities need... well, anyway, there is more negitive to say than positive at the moment. I believe most do not want the same New Orleans as before. When leaders of the city are ready for changes and really ready to listen to ALL sides without throwing the racial cards, to sit down and have respectful discussions from both sides.... Eureka! I know! A ROUND TABLE! Duh! Thats what we need!:p Then maybe a game of UNO! :D ooh, UNO atttack! hehehehe :cool:

  9. Draw four. :D
  10. awe man!:p hehe
    skip a turn;)
  11. I am afraid that if the people would have really wanted change they would have voted it in the last elections- and yes uno rocks
  12. I'm a uno fan too. Welcome abroad!

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