Bicycling And Losing Weight

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  1. So, I had a surgery last year in September (I think) and I gained a ton of weight during recovery. I literally couldn't even stand for probably two weeks and even when I could it would hurt something awful. I wasn't able to walk really well for about a month and even after that I was still in a good bit of pain. I'd say it was three months before I was really able to start working out again. Now I'm trying to lose all that weight again.

    My wife finally admitted that she needed to start dieting herself, which is great, so we don't have many unhealthy foods in the house. All she cooks is healthy stuff now which is a huge help for me.

    Target was having a huge sale on Magna bicycles and despite my low income situation, me and my wife picked up one for each of us. My reasoning was that my truck has had some issues in the past and I'd rather call my employer and tell them I'm going to be 30 minutes late then to say I can't come it at all. That and cycling is something I can do for exercise and enjoy.

    I did 4.5 miles yesterday and I probably did 2 or 3 miles today. It's been pretty nice so far. The area I live in is pretty nice for cycling. I'm hoping to finally be my ideal weight using the bike and watching my portions.

    So far I've lost about 18 pounds and I'm one pound away from the weight I was before my surgery.

    Does anyone else ride a bike for exercise or have any advice on losing weight?
  2. Congrats on losing the 18 pounds. Doesn't sound like you are in any kind of rush so I would say just keep doing what you are doing.
  3. I have to get that bikini body before all the pools are open though! Overall I'd say I'm pretty happy with what I'm doing. The last five or six pounds is being a pain in the backside though.
  4. I have rode a bike before for exercise and it is a lot of fun.
  5. I have little chicken shins and heavy muscles everywhere else. Bicycling and swimming are my main forms of cardio. My little legs can't handle running haha

    The best type of exercise is the type that you enjoy. Congrats on losing the weight!

    As for those last few pounds...

    If you've put your body in a constant state of losing weight, it probably thinks you're dying. It sounds silly, but our bodies are meant to adapt to what we feed it and use the energy stored from foods. If you're stuck, the easiest thing I've found works in people is eat a little bit more food for 2 weeks. Not going overboard on junk or anything, but maybe just a little extra portions or another extra meal.

    What this will do is let your body know that you are not in fact starving. You may gain 2-3 pounds, and thats ok, it's not permanent. After the two weeks drop the extra food you were eating and the weight should drop right off.

    This is the easiest method. If you want to count every calorie and weigh all your food that's fine too, but think of this like a vacation :)
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    I'm still loving it. Even after working my butt off all day at work I still want to ride.
    That sounds like a good idea. Now the question is do I have enough money to eat more. Not really sure.

    I don't even count calories. I used to but I find that doing that makes it hard for me to eat less. I currently like just snacking during the day and having a really meal at night.

    I am actually down three pounds which makes this the lowest weight I've been since before I was 16.I kinda sorta have abs now for the first time ever.

    Oh, and I used to love running. When I was doing my training to become a police officer we had to run all the time so I got used to it. After I quit making running a habit I quit enjoying it. I guess it was just a temporary thing because I don't like it anymore. Biking is much more fun to me.
  7. Oh good you're down another 3 pounds. Your extra meals really dont have to be anything fancy, it could jiat be an extra PB&J sandwich sith a banana.

    Ans thats awesome youre down to the weight you were when you were 16. I dont even think thats physically possible for me haha. I was much shorter and weighed like 110 pounds when I was 16, and now Im right around 200 pounds. My 13 year old neice weighs more now than I did at 16. Funny times!

    Congrats, once again. Its a great feeling losing that weight. Have you ever picked up a dumbell thats the same amount of weight you lost? Its crazy when you do, you'll be like "I used to carry this around?!"
  8. I actually just had a PB&J for the first time in months last night. I love those.

    I weighed 197lbs when I was 16 and got my license. And I had lost about 20 pounds before that. I used to be a big boy. Now I'm 167 according to the scales this morning. I feel tiny but really healthy. I honestly wish I was taller and a bit broader. I probably need to start lifting weights more.

    I have and its really really weird. I wonder how my body did it.
  9. For his 50th birthday, without even mentioning it to him, I bought my husband a mountain bike -- the first bike he'd had since he was a teen. My idea: 50 can be hard on people; maybe his wife buying him a bike will show him my confidence in him and maybe it will detract from his feeling older. Believe it or not, it worked! He did so well that I bought a mountain bike for myself.

    I'm the one who held back. Now, although it has been years since either of us rode our bikes, every spring, I think about riding, but thinking is as far as I get.​

    Here's the other bad thing. From age 60 through 62, I lost 100 pounds.
    In the three years following, I've lost 10 more. All without exercise.
    Oh, I did exercise twice during that time (maybe 3 X?), but I was stupid.
    And every time I hear an ad, "Take this pill and lose weight without exercise."
    I want to scream. Pardon me, please,
    but you need that exercise in order to build and/or keep strength.
    My result is that I am weak. Aging and weak. Don't do that!​

    Now, if I am going to ride my bike, I will have to start by having a companion. I should not be trusted. I need someone with me for safety's sake. Furthermore, I fell in love with a motorcycle I really wanted. Bad. But I dared not buy it, because I am too weak. That really hurt.

    So once again, it is spring. And I am thinking about getting my bicycle out . . . .
  10. Have you ever thought about getting a trike? Tricycle? If you're concerned about your strength I would definitely buy one so you don't have to worry about balance as much.
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  11. Bicycle or motorcycle? Maybe for a motorcycle (I'd never thought of that before) but never for a bicycle. I just asked my husband if he would want to pull the bicycles out and "try again." He said he is interested. This is something I need to do in order to build up both my strength and confidence.
  12. I'm talking about the three wheeled cruisers that they have that you pedal yourself. Balance requires a lot of strength so if you're worried about it then I would consider getting one. Falling is no good at all.
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  13. You are right, but I fear I would lose the freedom of bike riding by using 3 wheels. If I can't have that "wind in my hair" feeling, I would definitely quit biking. :oops:
  14. You can still have the wind but you have to pedal fast!

    I know what you mean though. I'd be weird to me too.
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