Biblical Definition of Marriage and what its become - Please comment

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Celtat, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. Biblical Definition of Marriage and what its become - Please comment

    Wondering what everyone's opinion is about what marriage has become.

    My husband and i have a 'biblical' marriage, but we don't want state involvement so we haven't made it what the state calls a 'legal' marraige. He's a husband that understands his role love and sacrifice, i'm a dutyful wife respecting him. We just don't want the governement to be a third party in our relationship. And a state document doesnt make our marriage one bit more more valid, when the state also designates same sex unions as 'marriage'. Our commitment is to each other, promised before god, what more do we need?

    I'm not sure how marriage lisences and this process ever even started, unless it was just to keep a record of unions.

    If it is... then everyone is just in a civil union... and being joined in a church before god makes it a marriage.

    Would love it if anyone could give their observations.

  2. I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want to get married if they feel they have a union under God. Being married comes with so many perks. The tax breaks are great and so is the fact that you can be put on your spouses insurance. It's hard to build up assets unless you are married. You may have a home together and items that you have bought but when someone dies the girlfriend or boyfriend doesn't legally get to keep the house. The remaining spouse however does get the house, the cars, the furniture, the money, etc. It's not that it's about getting everything if someone dies but it's about security. When kids are involved it really helps because a married couple gets even more tax breaks. Many times a doctor will not discuss a medical problem with a girlfriend or boyfriend. If someones boyfriend is in the hospital in a coma after an auto accident the girlfriend legally cannot gain any medical information. What if you lived together and there were bills to be paid but because you weren't married you had no access to the passwords or the other information to pay those bills? The company will not work with someone just because they area live in boyfriend/girlfriend. There are so many reasons people who want to live together permanently should be legally married. Actually I didn't think a lot of Christians would live together without being legally married. I thought that was one of the sins.
  3. Celtat while I can understand your resentment toward the state's recogintion of same sex marriages, it is important that we as Christians follow the way The Lord has set out for us to go.
    In Titus 3:1 We are told to be submissive and obey rulers and authorities. The state does not view your marriage to be a marriage therefore you really need to rethink what you have done and go the legal way as this is the way The Lord would have us to go.
    Do you remember when The Lord Jesus paid tax to Caesar Mark 12:17 saying" render to Caesar what is Caesar's " Here was The maker of the universe obeying the govt tax laws!!!! What an great example this is for us to be submissive to those in authority in govt (the laws of the land)

  4. I know there are financial advantages to being married, but that can also lead to abuse. I'm with him because i love him and we have a good life together, i dont want to marry him for his insurance. I can provide my own. As far as tax breaks i'm hearing that if the health insurance law passes it'll penalize married couples with higher taxes, by a huge margin. I haven't thought of as sinning because we don't register our union with a certificate. We have a very old traditional relationship that we see if so few marriages. So many of our male friends are in difficult sitations with their wifes, give them whatever they want, get so little in return or the law that binds their marriage allows her to take everything, destroy the marriage, and the home. They don't even seem accountable, not even to god.

    But this is the type of discussion i was looking for and i appreciate any viewpoints.
  5. I know a few couples that have "Biblical Marriages" that they didn't want to register with the government for a few reasons. Traditionally, I believe that marriages only had to be recognized and recorded in church records. That's what I've been told and when I researched it I found some evidence of it.

    However, while I pray the situation never causes issues for your marriage, I wouldn't encourage this direction myself because it lacks accountability. It isn't considered a legal marriage, so that can be used as a means to manipulate the system in any number of ways by couple who have less-than-holy intentions. It also lacks some of the accountability that registered marriages have when it comes to rights and such. For instance, if your spouse were to become ill and spend time in the hospital, you may not have any rights as a spouse. Divorce is another issue, which again, I sincerely hope never becomes an issue for you.

    We as Christians need to set good examples. If non-Christians (and even most Christians) start having non-licensed marriages, then you can see the potential problems involved. Additionally, marriage is a contract. In ancient times, it was a binding legal agreement. But it's not a simple contract between two people. The Biblical version of the contract required the contract to be approved between the parties, the families, and the community. Non-licensed weddings violate the last of those rules (as does eloping btw).

    In the cases that I am familiar with, the couple still at least went through the licensing process and just refused to file the final paperwork with the courts to show that they were fully committed to the marriage. Best of luck to your marriage, and I pray that God will bless you in every way.
  6. Hi Celtat,
    Common law marriage is "legal" and existed long before legislative law came into affect in ANY country. Most European countries recognize stated common law marriages. However, some states for tax reasons won't give you the breaks unless you are in a state marriage.
    God has no issues either way you decide of course, but just check out the advantages or disadvantages when tax season comes around. My wife and I were married before God, we had our own ceremony and we sealed it in the way that Isaac and Rebecca sealed their marriage. But we ended up getting married before a state justice of the peace the next year just because my State doesn't recognize common law marriage for tax purposes :)
    Hope this helps!
  7. The Bible gives quite a lot about "HOLY MATRIMONY" IT IS A BEAUTIFUL THING IN THE EYES OF GOD :smiley190:remember to read and hold true the Biblical version of HOLY MATRIMONY ,not the Governments version , Christians are in the world but to be set apart separate from the world :smiley190:Blessings to you

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