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  2. I have several, and you are right, it can lead to paralysis.

    I like that comment. Thank you.:)
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  3. The King James version is called that because a group of scholars during the reign of King James in England under his authority( as he was then the head of the Church of England ) translated the bible from the Latin version.

    The Catholic bible translation differs in that they have additional books which Protestants removed and consider not inspired by the Holy Spirit. e.g. The Book of Wisdom and others.

    Many modern translations are now done directly from the original Greek or Hebrew texts. And, yes, we can't go back to the original books if we don't read Greek or Hebrew but we can use concordances to help us find the meaning of words, etc.

    I like the NIV because it reads so easily although I have many friends who think the NKJV is best. And others like the RSV.
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  4. This string is a little old but I wanted to weigh in just a little bit.

    I like to have multiple translations so that I can do some comparison if I don't understand something. Some times a slightly different verbiage can make all the difference when trying to understand something you aren't quite getting.

    I am going to try to find the study I went through a while back because it gave a lot of information explaining what is different about each of the more popular versions out there. There was a time when KJV was definitely the most accurate and faithful English version out there. Personally I am not sure that is the case any more but that doesn't make it a bad translation.

    In order to understand if a translation is right for you, you have to understand the parameters of the translation process. Most scholars believe the most accurate sources for translation are the earliest texts available (less likely to have been changed or altered in anyway).

    When translating (as mentioned earlier) are you translating in a literal sense or a thought for thought sense. If you have ever read a Greek parallel translation it is almost impossible to follow (in my opinion). That's because it is very much a literal translation and not adjusting for current English speech patterns.

    Someone mentioned earlier that NIV had removed things from what appears in the KJV. You have to understand that NIV was translated from an earlier text than KJV. The question is why were the texts different.

    I am digging now and if I can find the study information I went through on this it will be an explanation of some of the above and not just my random comments.

    I will say that everybody parses information differently. Any translation that has helped someone come to Christ, then I say Amen and Halleluiah. For me it's NIV primarily, I think this is a faithful translation and it is easier for me to read than most translations. I have switched over to ESV but the only reason is that I am using the Reformation study Bible and my choices were KJV or ESV. I don't have a problem with KJV as a translation but ESV reads much easier for me personally.

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  5. It's the newer versions which do the most damage. You will find things added and removed.

    Example Sovereign or SOVEREIGNTY of God.
    It's in the modern day translations and not the older because it is a man made label for God that excuses things to be His will that is not.

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    If I am not mistaken, NWT is a Jehovah Witness version.

    I conducted a search to find if this type thread was here. I'm so glad it is. I was looking for the most accurate closest to original translations Bible version just today. I happened on this chart which I'm currently studying to find what version is suitable for my needs. I hope this helps other seekers here.
    Link removed due to products being sold rule 1.2 and 7.1... link not approved
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  7. Apologies. I did not realize it was a retail site. I liked the table of translations for consideration of the best pick of Bible version.

    Thank you for the assistance to be in compliance with the rules.
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  8. I basically read from the KJV, but have downloaded a program called E-sword from the net which has dozens of different translations and languages. I admit, being an Afrikaans speaking person that the King's English sometimes eludes me, I find this program helpful because I can select a text and then compare that text against all of the translations that I have downloaded to get a better understanding of what it means. I know throughout the years there have been many arguments and debates about "which" Bible is the correct one to use, and there are those who read only the KJV and others who live only by the NIV. I agree that there are some versions out there that pervert the Word of God, but I believe that God is powerful enough to speak Creation into existence, therefor He is probably powerful enough to make sure that there are ample versions out there to convey His Word to His people. I think it is silly of us to think that we worship an Almighty God, but He seemingly cannot make sure that we have the right Word to follow, but also naive of us to think that Satan has not throughout the ages tried to pervert His Word. All I can suggest is, that when in doubt; pray. God will let you know if whatever you are reading is not according to His Word.
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  9. If you have developed the awareness to ask the question - which Bible is right - then you are most likely capable of answering it yourself.

    My advice is to keep asking the question.

    I've been a Christian for over 40 years and I'm still using various Bibles. I'm still searching. I have a New American Standard as well as a Complete Jewish Bible that I read daily. I also have a KJV and a Holman Christian Standard Bible that I use for studies and references. I've got a couple of digital versions on my phone and iPad and MAC and I also have several lengthy works of interpretation on my bookshelf.

    Did you ever meet a lawyer or a physician that only had one book on the shelf in their office?

    My only caution is that you ought not stop searching, for in this way do we study to show ourselves approved before God and mankind.

    Hope this helps.
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