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  1. How do you know what the right bible is to read? There are so many to choose from. I have heard that the King James bible is the only one you should read. Yet, everyone has a different opinion. How do you know you are reading the right bible when I do not know Latin, Greek or Hebrew to read any type of original text?

    Is the Jewish bible a good bible? Why do Catholics have to have their own bible, which does not line up with the Word of God, in my opinion..... etc.

    Not trying to cause any issues. I am simply wanting to understand this. I was reading online a few moments ago and i realized that the online bible I was reading has a ton of bibles / translations to choose from. It just made me stop and ask this question.
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  2. From what I have heard and I trust this, King James and NLT are the closest to the original writing.

    ......note the new king James has changes which they admit to and it really changes the word of God....Stay away from.

    I have about a dozen different translations I added to my Bible on my phone.
    It's so good getting different wording along with my main two.

    Even if you could read Greek and Hebrew, it's not a guarantee that it is exactly what the original writings convey.

    Be at peace and pray and you will do well.
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  3. I have the NLT and I love that bible. I think it is NLT. I will check when I get home. But i feel so close to this bible. i have purchased others over the year, but i always come back to this one. i am pretty sure it's NLT.
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  4. I have my two paper bibles
    KJV and NLT

    These are the ones I have in my Bible App on my phone which I use Alot !

    1. Amplified Bible - Classic Edition
    2. Authorised King James Version
    3. Complete Jewish Bible
    4. Contemporary English Version (us)
    5. Easy To Read Version
    6. Holman Christian Standard Bible
    7. King James Version
    8. Living Bible
    9. Names of God Bible
    10. New Living Translation
    11. Orthodox Jewish Bible
    12. Revised Standard Version
    13. Youngs Literal Translation
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  5. I found out we have Jewish ancestors through my mothers blood line a few years ago so I tried reading the Jewish bible to better understand. I liked it, but I didnt know if I should read it or not... lol
    I sound like a child, but I wasnt sure. I dont want to read and put thoughts in my mind that are not right.
    But i did like their bible. lol
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  6. That's Not Silly that's Awesome especially in these days, we have to be very picky on what we allow into our thinking.

    I had more versions but did not feel comfortable with them and uninstalled them.
    No matter what I always compare with prayer everything to my two main bibles of KJV and NLT or NLV

    Hey we are picky what food in the natural we put into our bodies. ....especially these how much more we should be cautious and picky what we feed our spiritual bodies.
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  7. I love to read, but lately i cannot even read anything unless it is God based. I love serial killer novels and some good romance novels. i quit the romance novels. they are just stupid. lol but i do like serial killer books. but lately i cannot even read them.
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  8. Don't fight not being able to read those books. Rejoice because I know it pleases the Father.

    Philippians 4:8 NLT
    And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.

    Weigh both those types of books against the above do they measure out? One or two qualities for and the rest against does not justify them. Lol

    At first it may seem hard and then down the road you can not understand how any one could read books like that or watch TV shows such as those or talk and act as they do.

    I catch my self many times asking God how do people think or act that way....normally after being around them for the's always the same...
    They are still in darkness and yet to dwell in the light.

    Funny because I know I once was just like them and yet I would have to force my self to act and think like that. Then I am not sure I could then.

    It is those times I realize how far God has taken me and it's T.T.R time once again.
    Time To Rejoice.

    Any time we don't know what to do or why things are going on and so forth, like the boys sitting beaten badly sitting in that prison. ..... we break out in Rejoicing in God and the doors shake and chains break.

    Hmmm all that from the fact you don't like certain books any more.
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  9. i have a hard time watching TV as well. i have cable and literally watch the cooking channels and true crime channels. i will watch hallmark channel here and there, but i hardly watch that channel anymore either.
    i really find myself not liking TV much anymore, its just not worth my time and everything seems not worth watching. i find i am liking my alone time and thinking / talking to God. When i was married i read books and watched tv all the time to distract myself from my exhusband. now i am so happy to be alone and think and pray in quiet without yelling and fighting. so much peace surrounds me now. i love it.
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  10. See now your placing yourself in a position where God can work in you and through you. Rejoice because it's when we can put ourselves in this place.....God can and Will use you.
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  11. I started reading the nasb after hearing it was the most 'literal' bible, or one of. I was reading the niv, ( old niv before the transformation) which has such an easy reading style, but after reading the nasb I find the nasb to be a much better translation.
    I know the nlt translates by explaining it at the same time which seems great for reference if you dont understand something then it might explain it.
    I wish they would do some common sense tweeks in the nasb to make it for more comfortable reading, somethings are kind of odd.
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  12. I have 3 favorite versions. The Amplified classic, the nlt and the king james. I do also enjoy the complete Jewish Bible. They have a study Bible that has lots of articles to help one understand how things were in Jesus time.

    I think they all say basically the same thing, just in a different way. So the best thing is to read a couple and see how it speaks to you. How does it help you understand What is written? Because if one prays before they read God can show us the truth in whichever translation fits us best.
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    Personally, I have many Bibles. I was raised and educated in the KJV but as I have grow older I have moved over to the ESV and I find it to be an excellent translation.

    I would not reccomend the Living Bible, the NIV and certainly not the New World TRanslation.

    The Living Bible
    is not a translation of the Bible; it is a paraphrase. While direct translation involves using a thought-for-thought or a word-for-word recreation of the text from original Greek and Hebrew manuscripts, paraphrasing uses the “in other words” method of restating a previously translated manuscript

    As for the NIV, hundreds of words, phrases, and even entire Bible verses were removed from the Word of God by the NIV translators. A quick example show that the NIV translators removed the word "begotten" from John 3:16.

    Then of course the New World Translation was produced by the Jehovah Witness's Watch Tower and was written specifically to meet their perverse and heretical teachings.
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  14. I don't think I have ever heard of the New World Translation, but the name itself is creeeepy............:eek:
  15. Sorry about that. You posted your comment and I was editing my post. Please consider comment # 14. My apologies!!!!
  16. It was actually produced by two men who between them did not have 4 years of theological education and neither one of them spoke, read or understood Hebrew or Greek.
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  17. Not good, at all...... meant about the writers of that creepy bible, not that our posts crossed paths. lol
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  18. I most commonly use the New American Standard Bible, but I also have and use King James, New King James, and NIV. I use NASB not because I think it is particularly better than the others, but it was used in a Bible study I attended when I first accepted Christ almost 50 years ago. It's comfortable and familiar.

    Electronicly, I have access to several other versions, to which I may refer for various reasons, including a curious one called Young's Literal Translation which I don't find usefull for reading, but can give insight to the original wording. When reading electronicly, I often have two versions open in separate panes and compare them as I read.

    Besides the text itself, many incorporate study aids such as Thompson's Chain Reference and the Nelson study Bible. These can be helpful.

    Whatever one chooses, he should be aware of whether it is a word-by-word translation, or a thought-by-thought translation, or a paraphrase. None is superior in every case for every purpose.
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  19. The best Bible is the one you feel comfortable with (provided its not some cult spinoff).

    Too many choices can lead to "analysis paralisys". The best Bible is the one you want to read... the one that 'speaks' to you.

    It may be different for those doing theological studies, or preparing a sermon/teaching.

    Any Bible is better than the one on a shelf covered in dust because you don't want to read it or don't understand it.

    Just keep reading and trust the Word (jn 1:1) to speak to you through the Holy Spirit.
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