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  1. Bible

    Teenagers these days need to read Bible more, that will help us the days that are to come, we dont understand some things now, but we will later
  2. Yes, teens really need to pick up their Bibles more.
  3. Very wise~ Yes, the older I grew, the more I understood.


  4. Everyone need to pik up there bible more! Also age dosent matter when it comes to have some 55 yr old adults who spiritually are 3 weeks! Then you have some 17 yr olds who spiritually are 40! Isnt God awesome!
  5. True! Unfortunately it`s not that easy nowadays to make a teenager read anything, not even the Bible... Any suggestions on how to make `em do that? :confused:
  6. I reccomend setting aside family devotion time- at our house we have a thursday night family bible study and three to four days a week we listen to our bible on dvd as we enjoy breakfast and start our day- get them in the habit of setting aside time for God even if they complain a little at first they will soon develope a habit of it- it has been said that if you make your bed every morning for 30 straight days you will make it every day for the rest of your life- we are creatures of habit and one of my favourite christian authors once said " habits are the children of our choices"-
  7. Boanerges has given good advice.

    But let me add, this battle should be won long before these kids are teenagers. It's a lot harder to get them to learn after they've gotten older. These values should be instilled way before their 5th Birthday.
  8. With the more younger, modern generation, I think that there are still ways to reach the youth that don't physically pick up the Word. Getting audio Bibles or dramatized stories really helps start things I think.
  9. The Bible is sometimes very complicated for teens to understand~
    I think teen~adult Bible stories would be helpful~

  10. Dear vladushka,

    May God be with you!

    I couldn't agree more! If you are a Godparent, you have a right to influence your godchild. Every summer, my three nieces come to stay with me. Every summer I plan several gifts or talks about our faith and Christ. This year, I gave each of them their own bible like my own (RSV 2nd Ed Catholic) along with their own bible cover. (Christian book store on-line has many great and very inexpensive bible covers!!!!)

    We must show by example #1

    We must encourage them #2

    We must read with them #3

    I bought three bibles through the Christian Book store for my two girls and myself (Precious Moments RSV Catholic) and book covers and marking pencils. When we read, we can all go to the same verse on the exact same page! My girls like marking passages that have meaning to them. (although my six year old will ask me which passage she should mark because she is just starting to read) My 8 year old loves Psalms!! I can't tell you how I just fill with love of Christ when they read!!!!!

    Start them early, Do it with them, show how much Joy YOU get from it!

    God bless you!
  11. We have started bible reading every morning before Homeschool - we are in the book of Pslams (awesome). The boys are using a Christian Curriculum and bible study is a part of that-
  12. I just got done talking to my husband about more Bible reading as a family!
    Something I am disturbed about!!!

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