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  1. Bible Versions






    How about: GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And CHRIST our SAVIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I do prefer Myself the Interlinear Hebrew/Greek/English Recieved Text Bible I own
    Which I use to correct My "Litteral Translation Type" NASB, because I like working with it,
    even though I do feel compeled to correct the Text against the Byzantine Type, where needed,
    It is My favorite Bible, and one of the First I had when Saved, and have lots of notes in it. I actualy
    have had to tape the covers back together, with Black Duct Tape ---which looks more Bible like???
    It looks more like a coloring book, with all My various colored notes ---but it is My dearest Bible!!!!!
    And even though I find the Byzantine Text Type, of the Recieved Text to be superior, and the KJV or
    Authorized Version, was translated from the Recieved text I use, which was complied by Erasmus,
    for the N.T. ----and I believe in the Byzantine, or longer version of 1 John 5:7, But it is still Christ we see.

    It is Christ, we must see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I do not remember seeing anywhere in the Book of Revelation, where "The Book of Aproved Bible Versions,"
    was opened and read, But rather "The Book Of Life," was opened and read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes I am sure I do not remember seeing anywhere in the Book Of Revelation, where "The Book of Aproved Bible Versions,"
    was opened and read, But rather "The Book Of Life," was opened and read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seek Ye first Christ, and the Kingdom of God, and let Your best judgment lead You to Your Bible version.
  3. Well put brother.
  4. I like the kjv and it's multiples, I like the AMPB, I like the NASB, I like the YLT,NIV,MOF N T,RSVand Darby's New Testament Translation. I even like reading the meesage although I dont call it a bible persay but an interesting paraphrase.
  5. Has anybody ever heard of an ebonics version?

    (just wondering):eek:
  6. Let's see do I need a slang bible- I will pass. They do make special editions for only one translation is right challenged souls though!:D
  7. I know what you mean, Bo.

    I was just thinking...our language today, wouldn't it sound like slang to the people back in King James's time?

  8. The important thing is to be able to understand the intent of what is being said.
  9. Can I change my answer? Please?


    Used to be KJV all the way, but my friend gave me an early Christmas present...something I've always wanted! An electronic bible that looks like a little pocket computer.

    It's NIV.

    So I guess I'll start studying that version now.:D
  10. For your electronic Bible, I suppose we should pray, may
    You never run out of batteries for it, when in need.:D

    An overlooked prayer for the electronic age of Christian
  11. E-Sword is still the King of computer bible study tools!:D
  12. Holy bible button batteries?:eek:

    Heh...sorry, couldn't help it.:D
  13. WW after you finish the NIV try the Amplified it is an awesome and eye opening read!

    I don't know about the batteries but I kind of like having the resoruces of a huge library in one place and available at the click of a mouse- it is not a subsitute for a good written bible though.
  14. Kewl! Thanks, Bo!:)
  15. check out the Cotton Patch version, which is not ebonics per se, but had the author lived during our day, instead of the 50's and 60's, I bet it would have.. the info behind the "why" of this version is important, otherwise the authors intent will be seen as sacrilegious....

    a portion of which reads

    Matthew 1:18. The beginning of Jesus the Leader was like this: While his mama, Mary, was engaged to Joseph, but before they had relations, she was made pregnant by the Holy Spirit. Since Joseph, her fiance´, was a considerate man and didn't want to make a public scandal, he decided to quietly break up with her. As he was wondering about the whole situation, a messenger from the Lord came to him in a dream and said, "Joe Davidson, don't be ashamed to marry Mary, because the Holy Spirit has made her pregnant. Now she'll give birth to a boy, who you'll name Jesus, because he will deliver his nation from their errors." 22. This whole event was the completion of what the Lord had said through the prophet: "Listen, a young lady will get pregnant and give birth to a boy, and they'll name him 'God-is-with-us.' "
    24. Then Joseph woke up and did as the Lord's messenger had directed–he married the girl. But he didn't sleep with her until she had her baby. And he did name it Jesus."

    Also I found that there is a Rick James version which is listed at a uncyclopedia article on an ebonics version of the bible...

    see also


  16. probably meant in good nature,but watered down versions are not truth.
  17. ESV
    And NLT which I use more like a commentary then a bible.... by reading the contributors to the NLT (
    you can see a "who's who" of authors/scholars from conservative Christianity, where you see (it seems to me) the very common sense approach to the committee selection process where an author who had invested a lot of time and effort into writing books/commentaries/articles on a particular book of the bible in which they seemed to specialize, these were then the persons selected to be on the translation committee for that particular book in the NLT... for instance, in my favorite book of the Bible, Romans, you have:
    Gerald Borchert from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary; Douglas J. Moo from Wheaton College and Thomas R. Schreiner from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Both Moo and Schreiner have written highly regarded excellent commentaries on the book of Romans.

    Lastly on this version, I take it to me much more of a “translation” and therefore it should not be confused with Kenneth Taylor’s The Living Bible which, even as paraphrases go, is pretty bad. I would not recommend this “bible” to anyone.

  18. I could not get past the living bible either!

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