Bible Verses That I Don't Understand.

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  1. Hi. So there are these Bible verses that I don't really understand.

    1. About the parting of the sea and the magic of turning someone or something into snakes: What are these about? Science always says that magic that doesn't match the scientific laws is not real. What if those verses are metaphors? I was a solitary witch in 2012-2013 and I know that there was never magic that doesn't match the scientific laws. And Criss Angel is not real magic, that's some scamming.

    2. What is the Bible verse about dashing children against rocks mean? I heard that it was about the Babylonians torturing Jewish people. Or what is that Bible verse about? I hope this doesn't mean that people have to punish people or children in cruel ways that are against the laws nowdays.
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    1. God's science is not limited to our laws of physics.

    2. I started writing an explanation, but it was going on so long. It would be more fruitful if you quote the verses and ask questions off what they actually say... here is a simple explanation.
  3. "Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones Against the rock." This is one verse.

    Also, if the parting of the sea and turning physical beings or things into snakes are not metaphors, then how come these things don't happen in the world? I am sure they would say on the news if they would happen.
  4. Polly, RosaVera put so much effort into a nice thread on miracles. I can not better her and no point repeating it.

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