Bible verse ?

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  1. Bible verse ?

    so im reading Isaiah (NIV)

    "Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow."
    "Your rulers are rebels, companions of thieves; they all love bribes and chase after gifts. They do not defend the cause of the fatherless; the widow's case does not come before them."​

    :confused:confusing:confused: since when does God defend the cause of the fatherless

    and if can i get a background on the book, it would be helpful
  2. Isaiah , IIRC, was considered the weeping prophet. He was chosen as a prophet to send a message to his people...but the message he was given, was hard for him to take because he was very proud of his nation, and his nation would be destroyed.

    That, unless I have him somehow confused with another prophet, is the stage set in the book of Isaiah. I'll have to look more carefully at the context of teh verses to take any type of guess on what they mean. I'm assuming you are confused about the "fatherless"?
  3. who is he on about the uk and usa governments,lol.he could say the same now and it would be true.:D
  4. Isaiah said a lot about how God desires compassion and mercy,
    and not the blood of fatted calves.

    The 10 commandments, summed up as Love The Lord God, and
    Love Your neighbor as Yourself.

    And take care of the poor, and oppressed, before worrying
    about sacrifices, etc.., etc.., etc..,

    For today, bear a strong burden for the starving and lost,
    before we get all Hapy cloud about things????

    Happy Cloud is cool and all, but where is our Broken and
    contrite heart????????????

    Where is our "blessed are those who mourn," or "thirst for
    righteousness," etc.., today???????????????

    So God was the same yesterday, today, and tommorow, as is
    in Isaiah, that we are to burn with care, and desire to help,

    but God created a new thing, in revealing we are co-heirs in
    the promise of the comming Messiah,

    Who we know has come and conqoured, and we are Saved in

    And God would love our praise ( our fatted calves ), but also
    our broken and contrite Hearts, with a burden to reach the

    May Christ Richly Bless Those Who truly Love Him, Amen.:bible:

  5. You are a little confused on some things. Isaiah is not the weeping prophet, Jeremiah is. Isaiah prophesies to the southern kingdom of Judah. When Isaiah began prophesying he saw that Judah was very prosperous but this was soon to change. Social injustice is one of the main themes of this book. Widows, orphans, event the fatherless. You can read about Isaiah's commissioning in chapter 6. It is in this chapter we have the very famous biblical statement, "Here I am! Send me!"
  6. Fatherless except for God...

    Unfortunately most of the people i've known in my life, either had an abusive father or had no father at all... This is the sinful nature of the world we live in...

    THe GREATEST Father is the Lord Himself... He desires for us to come to Him and recieve Him as Father, as in the Prodigal Son...

    I think this verse refers to fatherless children who would live in the streets, at that time, as in our day in foreign countries...

    If the Lord places such a child in our path we should be their defense, as God is with us against the evil ones...:shepherd:
  7. Isaiah was an awesome man of God whose duty it was to warn an unrepentant peole about the coming judgement.
    God sets up authority and uses people to help others. In particular the people that He had placed in charge here were not doing their duty. God does not need man to accomplish things but a willing heart is always used by Him. As far as those leaders who refused to carry out their office but instead lined their own pockets and turned a blind eye to the suffering I would not want to be in their shoes.
    As far as the people God had provided shepards for them as part of their provision. If a man needlessly persecuted a helpless soul it was generally accepted that God's wrath would be visited upon them.
  8. the fatherless was because of war.our fatherless in society there are many reasons,to many to name,we have all moved from God and laid our societies bare with multiple excuses.there is no structure in this world.

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