Bible Trivia

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  1. Bible Trivia

    Here are 8 Bible Trivia Questions, I will post the answers on Monday.

    1) Who led a rebellion against the authority of Moses and the ground swallowed them up?
    1. Molech
    2. Izhar
    3. Aaron
    4. Korah
    2) Who took the place of Judas as one of the apostles?
    1. Joseph
    2. Matthias
    3. Justus
    4. Paul
    3) The gift of the Holy Spirit that was given in Acts chapter 2 was spoken by which prophet of the Old Testament?
    1. Joel
    2. Daniel
    3. Habakkuk
    4. Malachi
    4) Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good _____ of Jesus Christ.
    1. warrior
    2. servant
    3. soldier
    4. apostle
    5) Who did Ruth marry after her first husband died?
    1. Mahlon
    2. Boaz
    3. Elimelech
    4. Pharez
    6) When Hezekiah was sick unto death, what prophet told him that he was going to die?
    1. Ezekiel
    2. Joel
    3. Daniel
    4. Isaiah
    7) What sign did God give to Hezekiah so he would know that God would add fifteen years to his life?
    1. The shadow on the sun dial would go back ten degrees
    2. gave Hezekiah great riches
    3. gave Hezekiah great wisdom
    4. made him king of Judah
    8) In Revelation 4:1 who is told to "Come up hither"?
    1. the church
    2. John
    3. Christians
    4. Paul
  2. :):groupray::)
  3. ok.....Freedom, I guess you want us to guess first??
    here are mine:
    1. Korah- Numbers 16:31-35
    2. Matthias- Acts1:26
    3. Joel
    4. servant- 2Tim 2:3
    5. Boaz- Ruth 4:13
    6. Isaiah- 2Kings 20:1-11
    7. John
  4. I have to say Paul was that replacement. The 11 aposltes selected Matthias by lot but I believe God's choice was really the great apostle Paul himself.
  5. That's probably because they didn't trust Paul yet, but yeah, ok:)
  6. I am quite sure of that AA!:D
    Your answer is no doubt the one that was required- mine was only an opinion.
  7. i agree about paul.jesus picks not man.:)

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