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  1. is a site that has been helping me recently. Its articles are thorough (though long), and they might help you in your walk with God. It certainly has for me. So far, it has told me what it means to be godly and how to meditate, as well as giving me some great tips on how to witness to others. I suggest that you check it out. It might help you as well, though you (generally) know God more than I do.
  2. Are there different authors for different articles? Can anyone contribute there or is it a controlled website with limited authors? I have come across it before, but I don't know how it works.
  3. Sorry, I'm not sure if you can contribute articles, but considering the quality of their work, it seems like they would not allow just any random guy to contribute. But I know that there are several authors that contribute though.
  4. As with anything and anyone...we should always test the spirit behind something and pray to seek the Holy Spirit's leading in websites or even our own pastors. And always make sure what they are saying lines up with the Word of God. A lot of these sites are like going to one particular denomination of church. They teach what they believe, and thus the people who contribute the articles agree with their statement of faith.

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  5. Staff Notice
    We strongly advise that ALL members exercise caution when following the web address
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  6. They have a doctrinal statement under top left corner menu. Feel free to read it.
    I do not like to make use of just one resource, other than when it's from the bible. I'm also a bit scared of commentary these days as it too often can involves someone's doctrine they grew up with.
    Only because I can question the doctrine I grew up with, after all most of us come from a generation where those going to church looked up to their leaders - oops.
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  7. Something else to remember - Just because sights come up first in a google search does not make them better or good. You can buy your way to the top of these search list. Just remember that.
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  8. I know.
  9. This is true Jim.
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  10. Could you explain the reasoning behind the caution? Is there something about the site that we need to know about??
  11. hmm, not really sure bout this site. They using some translation ive never heard of.
  12. I would just read the holy bible and ask God to teach me.
    I dont know bout this site it seems very american based evangelical. Also can hardly find any scriptures, and clicked on womens ministry, article came up praising some big name pastor, who I know has been preaching falsely.
  13. From their doctrinal statement I would say no, they don't let just anyone contribute - "Our authors are carefully scrutinized for their faithfulness to accuracy and truthfulness in interpreting scripture."
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  14. I am neither defending nor condemning this site. However, the article that I am reading has three scriptural references in the first paragraph alone. *shrug*
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  15. Well, I just read something on that site that made me quit it forever. It just said that sex change is okay.
  16. There are a lot of wolves in sheep's clothing out there, aren't there?
  17. I haven't found anything on that site about how sex change is okay, I have just found an article on the topic that says it okay to be a sensitive guy, but that doesn't make you a girl.

    Not to say that its not there, I just haven't found anything on the site that is off the wall.
  18. I thought from the bit of poking around that I did there today that everything looked OK, and the Holy Spirit wasn't setting off any alarm bells for me, anyway.
  19. If you look in the women's ministry, it has something about Bruce Jenner.
  20. Yra.

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