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  1. Who uses the app? I use it cause you can pick what version of the bible you want to listen to. You can do drama, AND non-drama. Let me know what you like/ don't like about it.
  2. I'll try it out. If you have android, Mysword is a good app, and I also use the Bible ( app for daily verses and such.
  3. I mainly use Youversion app in my phone..
  4. I tried that bible app, but I just didn't like how slow the narrator was reading the KJV bible. So, I just started using this version and I'm loving it.
  5. I see.. if this is quick, may be I should give it a try.. I don't use audio.. Bible app allows me to download many translations.. So I can use it without any data connection.. Does this one allow that too? Or data plan or wifi is always needed?

  6. You should be able to download a few versions depending on what language you choose. And you shouldn't have to use data or wifi.
  7. The I use requires internet connection because of this I do not use it often.
  8. Lose the avatar my friend or at least change the words "Jesus Freak" from the heading to Motivational Speaker which is exactly what he is.

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