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  1. Well after some thought and prayer I have decided to hit college again. This will be more part time while I work. Going to be attending an online Bible College. I've always felt God wanted me to do the ministry but have always backed away. First time I joined the military. Second time I felt the calling I rebelled and turned to paganism. Now this third time I think I better listen. Not sure exactly what type of ministry just know I need to do this. I will be starting in April. A few prayers would be appreciated.
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  2. That's awesome, congrats! It's nice that you are heeding God's call. I will keep you in my prayers. Do you mind saying which college?
  3. Charis Bible College
  4. Yes for SURE that's Gods will for you!
  5. That bible college looks nice! Online is really nice too. I currently attend school online...way better than being in a classroom, for me at least :)
  6. Yeah I did my current degree online as well. Looking forward to doing something I'm passionate about
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  7. How do these "bible colleges" work online? Is is somewhat like going to a religious school?
  8. Good question! maybe Ceile De can give us some info. I had never considered the need for a degree from a bible college, in fact I have always kinda thought preachers with degrees are a destructive force (in general) in the Church. I must say that Charis is the only "college" I would ever consider. And I did even think on it some, last night at work. If someone came to me with a degree from Charis, I would hold that as a confidence that they had been taught sound doctrine. Now what else they teach as it relates to what the world would hold in regard, I do not know?
  9. Although I'm a newer Christian and don't necessarily agree with the notion that preachers with a degree would/could be harmful to the teaching of God's word, I can understand where that thought process may arise. There are schools out there such as Charis that look to have great programs, Liberty University being one of them, which also has an online option. I actually thought about going there after graduating with my doctorate for a bachelors or master's degree in theology, bible studies, etc. I think the problem arises when the schools are eligible for Title IV funding which is federal student aid from the government. When the government gets involved in schools programs, be cautious. Their ability to award Title IV funds to schools is based off of independent accreditation institutions which grant such accreditation based on their set of rules and regulations for programs and such. A good rule is to get as much information about the school and instructors as you can before enrolling.
  10. Well I know Charis Bible College the first year is either on campus, correspondence or online. 2nd year you have to attend college there. I'm doing it online 1 class every 5 weeks or so. You have two online sessions during the week and an assignment to do along with discussion with other students. There is a final exam at the end of session. The classes are less expensive than most colleges I have looked into and I have followed Andrew since the late 90's. I believe the college use to be a different name back then.
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  11. I hold AW as one of those sources of truth that I am truly grateful for. I would think that as long as he is overseeing the teachings of this school that Gods blessing and truth will be with those who attend.

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