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  1. It sounds interesting!
  2. I dont know much about this Bible Code stuff. This sounds more convincing than the old stuff when people were trying to tell the future with it. i Kinda believe in it because I do know that if you read the Torah in Original ancient Hebrew, if you write down every 7th letter on a piece of paper to spells "I am Yahweah" over and over and over throughout the entire Torah. I found that very interesting.
  3. I just wonder why books like this, if they are correct in their conclusions and results, are so obscure. This article was posted in 2005, the book published in 2004, yet a cursory search on Google turned up no reults for current non Christian reviews of the book,or it's findings. I did however find dozens of links to sites that had the book for sale.
    How does the common man test the veracity of books such as this? I guess we don't. Or maybe, by what Jesus says in 2Tomothy 4:3-4, we can surmise that the book has reveived little attention from the secular world BECAUSE the author has revelaed another absolute truth about our Father's Word.
  4. This is a commercial form of the Kabbalah.

    A secret mystical tradition of Jewish rabbis, who read hidden meanings into the Old Testament and other texts; any secret, esoteric, occult or mystic doctrine or lore.
    Also kabala, kabbala, kabbalah or qabalah.
    (c) Larousse plc. All rights reserved
  5. It's "mathematically interesting", but I don't trust anything that can't be independently verified. The people who boast about the secret codes of the torah have a very unscientific way of going about it, and have kept everything very proprietary. They like to say "This is in there", and "we found this", but the methods they used are extremely suspect.
  6. Now know I'm into the mysterious and unknown, huh?:eek:

    I studied up on this because it was one of those things that just tickled me. I even asked my pastor. "If God wants you to know something," he told me, "He's going to come right out and say it. He's not going to beat around the bush."

    I read up on the Bible Code, and then I read what some of the skeptics were saying, too. Interesting, that there was some book of maritime law floating around out there. The skeptics applied the same techniques to this law book, and they found the words: THE LAW OF THE SEA or something like that. They also found the prediction of the death of the author of The Bible Code.

    That proved, they said, that in almost any publication heavy enough to be used as a doorstop, you're bound to find predictions and hidden messages...if you're willing to dig deep enough to find them.

    I myself downloaded the software and used it on a Stephen King book (just to see what would happen).


  7. Sylv, really?
    You think it's of the occult?
    Thank you!


  8. Weird!
    So what does this all mean?

  9. ^^^ It means if you look hard enough into anything, you are likely to find something that appears to be relevant. Doesn't mean it's a code, just means you are trying to hard.
  10. I haven't forumalted an opinion about the code thing yet. It could not predict the future because nobobdy would know the right questions to ask until the event occurs. I do believe the scripture is supernatural and there are things locked inside it that are only revealed as we get closer to the end.
  11. I know it is :D
  12. :) Thank you!!!! :)
  13. Has everyone forgotten that in Ezekiel 26: thru 28: we have a progressive Revelation against Tyre, thru to it's King, and even thru to "Lucifer," who is described in Eze 28: as "The Anointed Cherub Who Covers," -who was described as being cast down for thinking in his heart, and saying that he was god, and thus the violence of his trade -and how Ezekiel 27:13 and Joel 3:3 shows how Tyre buys, sells and trades, in the lives and souls of men, women and Children -or how Isaiah 23:, Eze: 26; - 28:, Joel 3:3-4, and Amos 1:9-10 etc.., deal with the wickedness of Tyre /and how Lucifer is behind that wickedness ( seprate from other references of Tyre when lucifer was not acting as the agent in all of it's doings /probably being busy elsewhere???? ),

    But that also that of Lucifer/and king of Tyre as another description of him in Ezekiel 28:1-3 etc.., goes on to describe much about this ruler including "...Behold, you are wiser than Daniel; There is no secret that is a match for you. ...."

    And as such the Kabbalah ( thru to a modern spelling showing it as being supreme even over and absorbing other forms of magick -spelled as 'Qabbalah' ), but as such the kabbalah helps to continue in this evil trade of the lives and souls -of men women and children going into captivity of the world system,

    and as such simply see the one book "Kabbalah and Eros," which is simply a history of all the not poularly known pseudo-spiritual gnostic-sexual imagery of the kabbalah, including interpreting most of it's imagery of God, including the ark and mercy seat and such -into sexual pseudo-imagery of God!!!!!!!!!!!! The Kabbalah is the most blasphemous pseudo-spiritual pseudo-science imaginable,

    And yes God does use perfection, such as numerical perfection in the way that Bullinger describes "Number in Scripture," or the book "Theomatics," descibes and expounds upon the use of number in scripture, and how to follow along with the "Surface and Plain and Open," revelations in the Bible text as anti-gnostic, and anti-kabbalistic, and anti-new-age/and deism comentaries exist, such as in most of the prophets, like Isaiah, where many of the "strange constructions," of wording -are actual commentaries against the workings of the enemy, spiritualy to be discerened as such -but how God needs no more than these "Surface," "Anti-Occult" commentaries, sometimes more clearly understood with Greek and Hebrew Studies -but as allways having been there in the open,

    And God does not use a "Matrix System," in which all of the original language "Letters," are arranged into "Box Matricies," and ELS -"Equidistant Letter-Skip Sequences," are found including lists of these pseudo-Rabis thru their succession, who have brought Us the blasphemous Kabbalah in the first place,

    The Kabbalah, and the Bible Code, are pure Blasphemy -in which Lucifer/Satan -saw some neat pro-God looking possible "Codes," which could be derived, along with all of His poison, and secretly made sure the world system allways knew of it, and as such the works of nostradamus and others are derived from it, and the tarot, and the kabbalah, etc..,

    Other books such as "Moby Dick," ( randomly chosen by Skeptics of the Bible Code ), have been used to create Matricies of it's letters -and have been found to contain ELS Codes predicting the "Kennedy Assasination," etc..,

    And because how "pregnant," the Hebrew language is, meaning the same relatively few words in use, can actualy have so many meanings per word, even up to 100 to 200 meanings per word ----that it becomes a double Matrix -in which the loose and extreemly rich number of ways "Hebrew" letters can form so many different words, hidden within a sequence of letters, that anything can be found by ELS,

    The Bible code looks cute, but texts of ELS can be found which say the Bible "Was created By Computer," or the Bible "Was given by Aliens," or anything one wishes to look for,

    Run from the Bible Code, and Run from it as fast as You can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God Bless.
  14. Thanks for the info Mike, like I had mentioned I hadn't really looked at it other than a cursory viewing. As far as the Kaballah it seems that it is closely tied with many forms of occultism. Here is an overview:
    as far as the accuracy of the bible codes it is questionable at best as demonstrated here:
    The primary objection advanced against Bible codes of the Drosnin variety is that information theory does not prohibit noise from appearing to be sometimes meaningful. Thus, similar patterns can be found in books other than the Bible. Although the probability of an ELS in a random place being a meaningful word is small, there are so many possible starting points and skip patterns that many such words are completely expected to appear.
    Drosnin has been criticized by some who believe that the Bible Code is real but that it cannot predict the future.[7] Some accuse him of factual errors, claiming that he has much support in the scientific community,[8] mistranslating Hebrew words[4] to make his point more convincing, and using the Bible without proving that other books do not have similar codes.[9]
    Responding to an explicit challenge from Drosnin, who claimed that other texts such as Moby Dick could not yield ELS, Australian mathematician Brendan McKay found many ELS letter arrays in Moby Dick that relate to modern events, including the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. He also found a code relating to the Rabin assassination, containing the assassin's first and last name and the university he attended, as well as the motive ("Oslo", relating to the Oslo accords).[10] Drosnin has responded to these claims, saying that Moby Dick code results are simply "nonsense"; he said codes found in the Bible Code were "truth" and contained real predictions.[11]
    Other people, such as US physicist Dave Thomas, found other examples in many texts. In addition, Drosnin had used the flexibility of Hebrew orthography to his advantage, freely mixing classic (no vowels, Y and W strictly consonant) and modern (Y and W used to indicate i and u vowels) modes, as well as variances in spelling of K and T, to reach the desired meaning. In his television series John Safran vs God, Australian television personality John Safran worked successfully with McKay to look for evidence of the September 11 terrorist attacks on New York in the lyrics of Vanilla Ice's repertoire. Additionally, the known coded references in Bible texts, as for instance the famous Number of the Beast, do not use the Bible code technique. And, the influence and consequences of scribal errors (eg, misspellings, additions, deletions, misreadings, ...) are hard to account for in the context of a Bible coded message left secretly in the text.
    Code proponents respond by claiming that the ELS letter arrays appearing in the Bible are better in some way than those appearing in other books. They also investigate alternative types of codes and cyphers to stay ahead of criticism. However, in the absence of an objective measure of quality, and an objective way to select test subjects, it is not possible to positively determine whether any particular observation is significant or not. For that reason, most of the serious effort of the skeptics has been focused on the scientific claims of Witztum, Rips and Gans.
    In 1999, McKay, together with mathematicians Dror Bar-Natan and Gil Kalai, and psychologist Maya Bar-Hillel, published a paper in Statistical Science which they claim provides an adequate refutation of the earlier paper of Witztum and Rips. The paper was reviewed anonymously by four professional statisticians who found their refutation completely conclusive.
    Their main points were:
    • The data used by Witztum and Rips was a list of rabbi names in Hebrew. The Hebrew language is somewhat flexible as far as name spelling goes, and each rabbi has several different appellations (aliases and nicknames), so special care should be taken as to how to choose the particular names searched for. So their result could be explained by claiming the data was not collected properly. From the paper: "...the data was very far from [being] tightly defined by the rules of their experiment. Rather, there was enormous "wiggle room" available, especially in the choice of names for the famous rabbis".
    • There is indirect evidence that the data were not, in fact, collected properly; that is, the choice of names and spellings was somehow biased towards those supporting the codes hypothesis.
    • Attempts at replicating the experiment, while being similar in the large, failed to achieve the exactly same results to the last digit. From the paper: "A technical problem that gave us some difficulty is that WRR have been unable to provide us with their original computer programs. Neither the two programs distributed by WRR, nor our own independent implementations of the algorithm as described in WRR's papers, consistently produce the exact distances listed [by WRR]".
    The McKay paper did not go so far as to accuse Witzum and Rips of falsifying their experiment, instead it argues that the ELS experiment is extraordinarily sensitive to very small changes in the spellings of appellations. This fact, when combined with available wiggle room, was exploited by McKay et al. to duplicate the Genesis result in a Hebrew translation of War and Peace.
  15. i agree it is wrote for everybodyto understand.
  16. It is all bull
  17. Please, say something intelligent :eek:
  18. Give you something intelligent to respond to first. The bible code is very very vague, and if you actually look at how its made, its complete and total garbage. They've taken a translated version of the bible, and use a code to spell something? Its very fishy to me, and I don't believe it.
  19. AAaaaaaaaaaah
    Now I understand :D

    Thank you DaveS :p

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