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  1. :groupray: Praying for you... I feel that way too!

    I am grateful for the days I can do the dishes, make the bed OK! you caught me... I don't remember the last time I made the bed.:p:israel::confused:
    Sometimes I semi-make it when I wash the linens which I also am grateful

    I've been given the energy to do that... :D

    Thank You Lord I need to take out the trash now!:cool:
  2. Thank you for the prayers. I will also say a prayer for you. I did manage to go to a bible study tonight, Praise God for that as well! It was good to get out of the house and talk to others for awhile. I am feeling better now, maybe tomorrow will be a good day!
  3. Praise music helps me

    :D:D:DNancy Ann,

    What helps me through the bad times is listening to praise music starting in the morning, and then other Christian music through out the day as much as I can...

    I must admit some is secular but I see it as Christian,whatever genre it is.
  4. "Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exa

    Before my meds I survived the days by reading, writing and speaking God's Word. and this was my favorite verse.

    Psalm 46:10
    "Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth."

    He will be exalted within us too Nancy Ann... None of the characters in the Bible were perfect .................all had their thorn to bare.
  5. I just need to get some things out right now and I hope this is okay. I don't really like whiners, but I need to whine some!!
    I just feel so alone right now, like there is no one who I can talk to who truly understands me. I have had some of the most amazing experiences with the Lord, and I love to share with everyone what God is doing in my life, but it seems like it offends people when I tell them about it. Or maybe 'offend' is too strong a word. They just don't seem to get it. I get the feeling that they think I am bragging or something, and I'm not! I truly want them to experience these things for themselves, but it 'feels like' maybe they don't really believe it's possible that it happened the way I explained it. So now, I avoid sharing my experiences with others, except my husband, who even though he may not be able to understand it fully, believes that I did experience it. Which brings me back to why I am writing...
    Last week, Wednesday - Friday, we had a Youth Revival at our church. I was there because it's my job to run the projector. On Thursday evening, during the altar call, I went downstairs and sat in a pew in the back just to watch mostly. When it was nearly over, our Youth Pastor brought the visiting Evangelist back to where I was sitting and he had a word for me!
    The word he gave me, well, the part that really stuck in my mind, was that God had heard all the prayers I had been sending up for the past few years. And He was sending help! Don't give up, I was told, your help is on the way, but he has been battling. A terrible battle. But he is almost here, hold on a little while longer.
    I was so excited I could barely sleep that night!
    Then on Saturday, everything went haywire! I woke with a terrible headache on top of having a terrible allergy attack which has now been with me for 3 weeks! I had to get the Sunday Bulletins done, and some other things around the house as well, but I just couldn't function through the pain. I try to pray it out. I asked the Lord to give me a word for the bulletins, (this is something I do every week) and I thought I heard Him say Isaiah 60. But my mind wasn't clear and I mistakenly thought that was the chapter on fasting, so I figured it must have just been my own mind telling me that. I thought that I would read it later on though just in case there was something there I might have forgotten that would be appropriate for this week. Then I forgot aobut it.
    Later in the evening I finally got around to starting on the Bulletins. I opened my little devotional book and began reading several passages until I found one that jumped out at me. I decided to use it. But first I read it a couple of times, and then I read it out loud to my husband cause it was really good! Then I went to the computer to get ready. I had to fill my ink so it took me a few minutes to get started. And do you know what! I had no more typed the first line when all of a sudden my headache was gone! Just like that! And I had been popping pain pills all day and there was no more 'drunkeness' at all! My mind was crystal clear, as if a light switch had been turned on! I started to thank God and cry and shout and I was just so happy the pain was gone!
    Okay, I got the bulletins done and now it's like 9 p.m. or something and I remember my husband had wanted me to read something from the bible to him. So I get out my Bible and I remember what the Lord had told me that morning. So I turn to Isaiah 60 in the KJV and the first words I read are this: Arise and Shine for the glory of the Lord rests upon you! (You will have to read this for yourself: Isaiah 60:1-5.) And I immediately remember the Word I was given on Thursday night and the praises just keep on going out my mouth! I am dancing now, and really excited! I can't wait to share this testimony with everyone at church on Sunday! And once again I am too excited to sleep.
    Well, to make a long story short, I never gave that testimony in church. The fact is I barely made it to church on Sunday morning. It literally took all I had just to get there. Then our youth Pastor got up and read a passage the Lord had given him. I didn't understand it at all, but it seems to be the exact opposite of what I was going to say. I got really confused and decided not to get up. I thougt I might give my testimony on Sunday night, but I never made it to the Evening service. By Wednesday night, I felt that the time for my testimony had passed so I didn't even bother. And I have been soooo very lost ever since. I tried to share it with my friend, but like I said, they didn't recieve it like I thought they would. Maybe the whole thing was nothing more than a manic episode and I imagined it all, but I don't think so!!!
    It was just too wonderful. And this is just one of the experiences I have had with God. There are many more, and at least one that no one really believes, except for my husband, cause he was there while it was happening and he saw how it affected me, even though he didn't see what I saw. He knew it was real. No one else believed it.
    I wish there was some one who I could talk to about these things who understands and would believe me that it's real.
    Oh my goodness!!! I did it again. I wrote a book instead of a post. Well, I tried to warn you all ahead of time that I was long-winded, (in the newbie thread.)
  6. Nancy Anne, I know what you mean, I went to my friend who is so smart and understanding, and knows God so well, and I was crushed and confused when he didn't relate to anything I was saying about very very real and
  7. Nancy,
    you got me so excited as I read through your post!! =]! I think it shouldn't be in this thread at all! it's not depressing,it's full of joy and God's work!! :) I'd LOVE to hear your stories,ANYTIME. it's a blessing to be called,isn't it ;)

    if people aren't willing to listen,leave them be. Those who listen will be blessed,for they are the chosen ones :) don't stop reaching out to others,don't deprive those who are willing :)
  8. Thank you all so much for your encouraging words! I haven't been online in a couple of weeks so I just got your messages. I will try to post some things the Lord has done in my life at another time as it is late now. Again, Thanks for the encouragement.
  9. Well, I finally went to the doctor and got my meds changed. The bad news is the new meds threw me into a terrible state of mind! I literally went manic for a few hours! Then I prayed and called my sister who is a psyc nurse and she was able to talk me down. Then she and my mom prayed for me and I felt much calmer. praise be to God for that! I then called on my best friend who came and got me and we went to the nursery and bought some flowers. Her and her husband took me home with them for a while and they also prayed for me. By the time I left thier house, I was feeling a 100% better and was able to make to church that night. Prayer Works! I just want everyone to know that. I thought I needed to go to the hospital because I was really messed up, but God took care of it all!
    And guess what? I GOT A JOB!! I know this was a God thing because I had thought about going to this place after I saw the doctor on Monday, but it wasn't a good time so I put it off. Then on Wednesday they had an ad in the paper! I went first thing this morning thinking that it was probalby too late already and that the position had probably been filled already. To my surprise I was hired on the spot without even so much as having to fill out an application! It's a cook job, and that is what I do, but I had to quit my last job due to bad feet. This place however is much more laid back and they allow their employees to sit when it's not busy, something my last job forbid. It has been three years since I last worked, so I need your prayers. also please pray that I will find the right medication to keep my bi-polar under control so that I can keep this I start tomorrow at 4:30a.m.! I'm excited about it. Now I have a reason to get up in the morning, yeah!! and something to keep me busy a few days a week. I praise God for all of this and give Him all the glory. he is sooo good to me.
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    Any one wishing it open or who would like to take it over can put a request into the Moderator Team .

    Thank you all who particiated.
  11. Hi Everyone,

    Just to let you know that this thread is now active again. If there is anyone who feels that they need to share a burden or be prayed for this is the place to be. We can even just have a good old natter or even (dare I say) a giggle about the nature or this illness. I also invite people who do not suffer from this illness to post any questions that you may have regarding Bi-Polar disorder.

    I was diagnosed Bi-Polar 4 years ago and in that time there have been many ups and downs. The lowest point but also the funniest point was when my husband found me in the wardrobe searching for Narnia! I am very much more stable now thanks to a fantastic psychologist that I visit once a week and of course through the power of prayer.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon

  12. i have no empathy or sympathy for anyone... well thats what my current doc said. i beli ieve in God and all but there isnt many ppl i care anything at all about.. im not being mean or nothing. o yea im also hyper religious due probably my "condition". i think my doc and relatives are both of the viewpoint of dope him outta his mind, that will keep him under control somewhat. i go to the classes like everybody wants and what happens? other "class" mates almost cuss me out just because i tried to make light of my "condition" yall can be intolerant too... i tried to tell them i have something like 4 coping skills and the only one thats not violent is self deprecating humor. my "teacher understands so i guess thats something. i heard someone else mention religious tats, well i got a few...actually had a preacher mad at me because even though i showed him my crucifix tat and told him it was in good taste...he still didnt like it, shoulda shown him some of my non-Christian tats, hehe made myself giggle. bottom line- i dont think ANYbody cares about ANYbody when it doesnt involve them in a good way. im glad im not divine id tell the whole world to get lost... with all good intentions, Ridlbox
  13. GREETINGS: I haven't signed on to CFS for a long time...My life changed 5 years ago when my father-in law died and my mother-in-law whom I love deeply moved in with us...I didn't think I would be able to handle the stress from the extreme life style change... All the accidents, sleep walking, broken bones, the Doctors appointment, etc...

    I've had several Bi-polar episodes but with the constant HELP of the Holy Spirit, I couldn't have handled it...Now I've discovered my husband of 40 years, is seriously having affairs with several women...Without the Lord Jesus, and My Holy Father, I could not survive my Bi-polar... I am grateful to those here who pray for me and others... I will soon be 60 and I want you to know that the Lord Father has never disappointed me...He is dependable, and LOVES YOU more than any other will. He LOVES you unconditionally, talk to Him honestly, and many of your questions WILL be answered...Who in their right mind would want to tackle Bi=polar on their own? If you are right about No body cares about anybody, that stills leaves you with a totally Loving God
    who will constantly be at your side , before you and behind you and on top as in your brain, He will Help you with the struggles you face, until you see Him face to face...Make sure you attend a Church who glorifies Jesus, not glorifying feeling good, or money...
    Bless you this season of your life. Other seasons will come with the Lord, where you realize His been supporting you...Don't give up on yourself or your Heavenly Father...Beloved
  15. Ok, i might not be doing this right, I have no idea what Im doing having never done the blog, if that's what this, thing before. Honestly I really did not expect a reply to my thoughts posted the other day. I got some mad issues.... i think my doc is a quack for one thing, and i even told my substance abuse counselor that between my doc and my mom who kinda enforces the medication compliance, I said they were even bigger dope dealers than I ever was. lol :) One thing i was thinking about today is, I don't know if any of yall are dual diagnosed, but I think that like AA, you kinda learn more off talking to someone with the same affliction like you than from somebody who just got a paper on their wall saying that they paid to listen to whatever college told them the right way to be was.. No offense ppl in the medical profession, nah I'm just kidding that was meant to be offenseve...hehe hey I can't be good all the time, can I? Anywho, what i figured I'd ask about today was, does any of ya'll use self-deprecating humor as a coping skill? Would you consider that negative and harmful or usefull? Inquiring minds want to know. Oh and I've said it before that I believe in God and Jesus, but i do think at the very least they are probably really mad at me. But, I do good things all the time too, does that balance out? I mean I run with and walk on sometimes dark sides, but I use that influence all the time bailing out ppl that were maybe somewhere they shouldn't be. I think that's good, I don't take the credit for it and definitely know you can't buy your way into heaven. -with all good intentions-Ridlbox
  16. I have bipolar schizoaffective.. It's a combination of bipolar and delusions/hallucinations from schizophrenia. But the part of this disease that has affected me in my life so many ways is the bipolar aspect. It has made me be risky in lots of ways. I've made decisions in manic modes all too often to regret later. Even now, being on lithium, I have a problem making good decisions that are not marked with mania.

    Some things that are hallmarks of someone who is bipolar that I've struggled with: incurring a $20,000 credit card debt; being risky sexually; falling into depression that is major with manic swings in between...

    I'd have to say that the Lord has been watching out for me, provided me with excellent counselors, and taught me ways to cope effectively. But it's a suffering struggle, nonetheless.

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