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  1. Hey that finally sounds like someone knows where I'm coming from ;)
    It's kinda difficult to maintain friendships with others when we have this 'special condition' aye.BUt fret not,I'll be praying for you :)

    >CSchultz; I must say,it's an interesting way of looking at the situation~ :) and what a positive way that you've chosen to deal with your situation! May you continue to be blessed. :)
  2. You might be right:)

    I took Photography and later Commercial Art in School.

    I do the same thing with music, that is to relieve or encourage a different mood.:D
  3. My meds were changed... My sleeping pills or something just make me very droggy the next day. My physc. took me off Trazadone and on to Ambience... My pharmacist told me it should not be taken every night though, because for some, it is addictive...

    As you can tell I didn't take it tonight:D
  4. Forgiven,

    It may be difficult to make friends in the real world... I sometimes have foot in mouth problems. :D:D:D

    But I am learning with every mistake, not to do that again. :eek::eek::rolleyes:

    I don't know if my social problems stem from Bi-Polar or being an only child that spend alot of time by myself...:confused:

    I know my Heavenly Father has a calling on my life, so I get out their and apologise when I goof up...:eek:

    And ask Him through His Holy Spirit to give me the love He has for people.

    I find I goof up less:D
  5. Heh..I am an only child too.
    I am stopping my meds.No point taking them anymore.
    doesnt seem to help,never helped..
    yeah that plus the fact that I've made a decision to leave my current church.I am going way downhill,but what's new?that was intended ever since the beginning..that day my friend came to me and he said I was just SO close to denouncing Christ.well I duno what that means,but he's prolly right,as usual.
  6. Daz you know that you have a choice. You can chose to go downhill or you can chose to fight it and win through Christ.

    I do know that it is not easy but nothing really worthwhile is easy.

    This is your future we are talking about. It is worth the fight.

    Do NOT just go off your medication. It is essential that this is carefully discussed with your psychiatrist first. You may need a change in meds but to simply stop is bad news!

    I do not know why you are leaving your church but in your present emotional state I would urge you to give it time. See if you still feel the same after your meds have been adjusted and had time to kick in.

    As for denouncing Jesus. He loves you. He has promised to never leave you. The only one who wants you to turn your back on Jesus is the devil. Do not hand him this victory.
  7. Command this oppression and deception to leave your mind little sister- God always planned to bless you and draw you near.
  8. Don't give up

    Don't give Up!
    It's taken a while to adjust my meds to have the proper effect...

    I just had another adjustment...Ambience... but it doesn't keep me asleep like its suppose to...

    We live in a microwave society... If it's not done quick we move onto something else...

    Please, don't let this happen to you...

    Much love,

  9. Hey Ray..

    the church thing is in the thread in private discussions..
    to my friends in this forum..

    as for medication..I have thrown it down the I gotta wait for next month's supplies..I guess,unless my parents stop bringing me there.
    they hate the do I.I hate the stares,the whisperings..

    Hi Bro Larry;
    thanks for the concern..
    it seems the nearer I want to go,the further I get.
    how is it that some christians find their walk to be EASY?

    I appreciate the love and concern I gathered from your posts..
    I understand what you said,but have you ever felt that nothings gona work anymore?and you just dont want to pollute your body with meds?
    I dont know..everyday's just a blurred routine now..
  10. OK I have now read that other thread. Churches are made up of people and sadly most people (even Christians) are selfish and focus on their own interests.

    I am sure that must make God very sad indeed but it is a fact.

    I just have to remind myself that as a Christian we are admitting that we are sinful. We are admitting that we can't do it on our own. We are admitting that without God we deserve nothing but His condemnation. Now if you get a bunch of folk like that together it becomes less of a surprise when they behave in a thoughtless manner.

    Every Christian should wear a T Shirt saying Still Under Construction. God is not finished with me yet.

    The church should be there to support and encourage people. Especially those who are having a tough time.

    I do not know why your church is not doing that but if it was me I would phone the youth pastor (Rev) and ask to book an appointment. When you see him be honest. Tell him how you feel ignored, unaccepted and unloved. Then depending on his response we can chat about if you should stay or try another church.

    You mention the stigma of taking your meds. There is no stigma in being ill. It is only in the minds of ignorant uninformed people. Sadly lots of folk do not understand bi polar disorder but it IS an illness and it DOES respond to treatment. Just sometimes needs a while to get the correct meds and the correct doseage.

    My wife is ill. It is a physical illness but she is ill and has been since before last Christmas. She has been in hospital twice this year and on Friday is being seen by a Professor of Medicine in London because the local specialists don't know how to treat her. Should she feel embarrassed that she is ill? NO. Should she feel that there is a stigma attached to being ill? NO She has a physical illness. They know what is wrong but just not how to treat it (yet).

    So in many ways she is in the same situation as you. Ill with a genuine illness but not yet on the correct meds.

    On the forum we have got to know you and we all love you and want to see you living a full and happy life. That should show you that it is not you people are rejecting. They are rejecting a false impression of who you are. When they know you like we know you they will accept you as we accept you.

    Above all God knows you, loves you and through Jesus acceptd you as His precious daughter
  11. reply;
    -pastors are on self improvement (the female one)
    -pastor in question has his own problems,and had been on leave since end of may.
    -they were not aware that I was feeling left out,and feel I should participate more and be more regular in attendance.Also the rest have been there since their childhood and are therefore understandably closer to each other.also,most of them are siblings.

    -shrugs- I duno anymore,seriously I dont.

    Hey Ray,
    what kinda person am I?:(
  12. You are a sensitive and intelligent young lady. You have a good sense of humour and you think and feel deeply about issues. But you are also insecure and have low self esteem. Sadly low self esteem is a very big problem with many people and it can cause so many difficulties in our lives.

    If the church was not aware of how you were feeling then we can't blame them for not stepping in to help and support you.

    There must be someone left with Pastoral responsibility while the others are on leave or away for self improvement courses.

    I suggest that you phone whoever that is and book an appointment.

    Or if the female pastor is someone you feel more comfortable with and if she will be back soon wait and book to see her.
  13. She will be back earliest in March..
    I am expected to be alright till then..
    She doesnt think I am depressed,just that i am not 'happy'.
    haha..what if I died.right now?
    will that speed up her return?

    I will be switching church anyhows. =x or maybe none at all.

    medication wise.. I think it makes me crazier.. =X
  14. There is no way you should have to wait till March.That is not good enough.

    You either need to chat to whoever is still there and in charge or you need to find another church.

    The med does not make you crazy. If it is not helping you need to be honest with the psychiatrist and he/she can then adjust the meds to get the best result.

  15. My regular phychiatrist left the country alr..
    I am now being transferred to another guy in the neuroscience dept.
    He doesnt seem to know that I have depression and he's treating my hyperventilation instead.

  16. A new person may be just what you need. He can look at your illness through new eyes. BUT you MUST tell him everything.

    I can't tell you how frustrating it is to treat a patient and only later discover that they did not tell you everything and as a result you have been going down the wrong road.

    For your sake and his tell him everything please
  17. I for one agree with Housesitter. I have gone to counseling for close to 5 years now. I now see a Christian counselor, and he said to me it is so refreshing to have someone tell me every little detail and to be so candid about it all. I give him all the details. I leave nothing out. I want to be healed of everything. I want all that God has waiting for me here on earth and more importantly when I go home to eternity.

    Have a great day!
  18. We don't have Christian counsellors here..our country is secular..
    He'd be sued if he says 'I am a Christian counsellor.' there's no such thing here.

    Housesitter,I have tried telling him but he's not interested.Besides,it's difficult for me to tell him how I really feel cos every session my parents are sitting IN the room..
  19. Write him a letter before your next session and in it also ask if he can arrange to see you without your parents being present
  20. emailed him.
    He said it's not possible because he's a male and I am a female,therefore third parties must be present.

    Thanks for your advice and concern Ray.

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