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  1. When will Christians begin to live their lives beyond the Bible?

    Do not misunderstand-this does not mean "Bible exempt" or without the Bible. But rather growing out of the text; having a foundation in the truth of the Bible and bearing a trunk, branches and fruit from the nourishment from the roots of the Bible.

    Do Christians nowadays struggle with this because the Body of Christ is so dismembered?
  2. Just an observation, , with my limited knowlege of commerce/secular and limited knowledge of the bible.… although not directly related to the OP but somehow related : )

    I think the secular world is following the bible knowingly or unknowingly… that is, seeking for something….

    How to run a government: a constitution then by laws.

    How to lead a society: anarchy, a law giver, judges, a king, a hero, a saviour, then liberty guided by the teachings of the saviour….

    One accord, one mind: mission and vision statement of a company, there is an objective: to serve others, the customers with best services or to seek the best quality service and best practices, etc…. every employee share the same objective….

    And lastly, thanks for the bible, or at least the Christian politician for Saturday and Sunday…. we can rest. : )
  3. I see your perspective when it comes to 'the world' and that 'all things work toward the glory of the Creator'.

    However, this thread was intended to seek out a more 'personal' answer to my inquiry.
  4. I've found the way James 1:22 succinctly puts it to be useful to me: "But prove yourselves doers of the word, and not merely hearers who delude themselves."

    A mentor of mine has a theory that Christians tend to cluster into church groups or denominations according to their spiritual giftings. I think there's some validity to that. Since I've been attending a Salvation Army church, I've noticed that a large portion of church members seem to have spiritual gifting in mercy, serving, and giving, but perhaps there aren't so many people with gifting in other areas. In the example of my church, I think my friend's theory is pretty accurate, where different Christians' worldviews and values - what they think is important in life - naturally aligns because of their spiritual gifts. So Salvos churches tend to be geared toward social justice, lovingly serving the physical needs of your immediate community, and generosity. People with other priorities for how they want to serve God may quickly look for a different church of more like-minded believers.

    Whatever the actual reason is, though (spiritual gifts or otherwise), it's just easier to get along with people who share a similar worldview and priorities. I've intentionally sought out churches to attend for periods of time that were pretty far out of my comfort zone, to learn from the wisdom and experiences of all my brothers and sisters who share the same Spirit.

    So yes, I've seen that there is division in the church. I'm not sure if that division is specifically a cause for Christians being "hearers, but not doers," but if that is a problem area in a particular congregation, it probably takes a mature and diverse group of believers to recognize it and decide on a good way to address it. So I guess in answer to your question, I think some specific churches do struggle with being a "doer, not just a hearer," and some are really good at it, but either way, division will inevitably keep the body from functioning the way God intends it to.
  5. Christian's are bound by their perception of the word given to them by a truth that is outside of self.
  6. To add to what I wrote ... the present church gives us an image of our husband that is not whole, but separated, which is the spirit of anti-Christ, or an adversary, the spirit of Christ is one with the father and God having come out of him, and why the church brings this confusion as something we have to come out of by entering into his Word, which is God, and this for each individual.

    We do not believe we are one with our father so our house is divided, and the house of God divided as the whole. It is first in the individual before it is in the corporate, this thing Paul fullness of the stature of Christ.

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