Beware SP3

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  1. Beware SP3

    Service apck 3 for Windows XP crashed my pc whne I installed it. I though it was just me until I saw this article on PC pitstop:
    Windows XP SP3 Issues and Fixes Continued | PC Pitstop

    PS: PC Pitstop is a great site, they will scan your pc and tell you where you might need to optimize and how to beef up security. I have used them for years with NP.
  2. I am running SP3 without any problem
  3. Then you are a blessed individual. It took me going into safe mode to restart my PC and then using system restore to keep it running.
  4. I am indeed blessed.
  5. I did not even know there was a Service Pack 3!

    Oh well, my SP2 runs fine, so no worries.

    Hmm, thats strange, I'm a pretty big computer geek :D I usually know when this stuff comes out!
  6. I am running on SP1 for vista. No problems as of yet although my comp now feels a little bit slower.
  7. :D-I maybe need some of that for this junk computer!!~!---:cool:

    Can you say annoying?
  8. I run SP3 on a Windows Media Center HP Laptop with no issues whatsoever.

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