Beware Erroneous Gospel

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  1. Paul does not hesitate to speak against such. The unrevoked anathema of God rests upon such preaching.
    "But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed, Gal. 1:8.
    I realize, of course, there is a possibility that someone whose intentions are good, through carelessness or ignorance, may make some fatal error in presenting God's truth.
    We see this again and again in modern Christianity. How burdened our hearts become as we hear preachers and teachers who have not given themselves to knowing God's word nor yielded themselves to the Holy Spirit.
    Who's revelation of Christ in them is imperative to truth.
    We see, as never before, laziness and unconcern among those who deliver the priceless truth of the Gospel.
    It does take painstaking learning, effort, and desire to sufficiently understand what God says in His word to make it known to others. It is for this reason that the Father is raising up a force of people in these last days who have given them selves to wilderness experiences, to training by the Spirit, and to a long period of waiting upon God to know him. These will go forth bearing the precious seed and causing many to know Christ as their life and to come into union with Him.
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  2. We must always remember that just because any of us may not like or Believe what is being spoken Does Not make it False.

    Far too many times it comes down to the individual who is making this Judgment Call simply Lacks revelation or understanding or spiritual insight in what is being spoken.

    Far too often these judgment calls are made Without seeking our Lord and Allowing the Holy Spirit to teach us new truth or understanding.

    Then also Far too often the one making the judgements is seeking God with a hardened heart or another words.....their minds are Already Made Up and their Hearts are Waxed Closed to new understanding or truth.

    The Holy Spirit will teach us but we must be humble and open to what He has to say. He the Holy Spirit will not argue with you or force you to listen or believe. NO! He won't get in your way another words He will let you have it your way.

    That is why their are so many false accusations and wrongly accused brethren and ministries.

    I will end here for this is starting to take my brother @Noblemen post in a high jack direction and I won't do that to my friend !! and it's against forum policies too. ;)
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    Didn't seem like a high jack to me lol I was enjoying it.
    That was part of the thread, there are those that for lack of understanding or just haven't had revelation on that area of the word.

    But Paul never beats around the bush, he doesn't hesitate to warn those that handle the word of God. It's seems to me in our day we live in, that if you pinpoint the word of God, there comes a direct rebuke.

    Its as if any thing goes, you can have your ideas I'm going to have mine and nothing is ever settled. Like the scriptures have no specific message.
    So I come along and give a message, that is not my message, it is a direct message from Jesus Christ Himself, through the Apostle Paul.
    Given to the body of Christ, to start the dispensation of Grace in Paul's day.
    He didn't use the other Apostles to bring in this message, He used Paul. For whatever reason, I have my opinion why He didn't use the others, but the main point is He chose Paul to bring this gospel, he calls my gospel numerous times, into this earth.
    So we know what He is doing in this world only if we follow Paul as paul said, follow me as I follow Christ.
    So back to the OP, The anathema of God or the being accursed, is Paul saying without this gospel, without this message that comes through me by Jesus Christ himself you are going to have a rough time in this earth, things will not work out the way you think they are supposed to work.
    That is the anathema of God, in a nutshell, believers struggle alone because the ministers will not give themselves to this gospel.
    Not all but I will say most will not do it.
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  4. Beware an erronious gospel!

    Would you please make clear what the gospel of the grace of God is please, @ Noblemen?
    What is the Biblical 'plumline' by which we can measure what we hear?

    This will enable the reader to be in no doubt as to the measure you yourself are using.

    In Christ Jesus
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  5. Read, read, and reread the epistles of Paul, that's where you will find the mystery of Christ in you explained.
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    I agree, @Noblemen,

    Yet, there is more than one 'Good News' to be found in the epistles of Paul, therefore I believe it is necessary for you to define which of them you believe is being sadly misrepresented.

    The gospel of salvation
    The gospel of the grace of God
    The gospel of the glory of Christ.
    To name but three.

    There is also more than one mystery spoken of in the pauline epistles eg.,:-

    * The mystery of Christ was made known by the apostles (including Paul), but was also the subject of Old Testament prophecy, searchable and therefore verifiable.

    * The mystery (concerning the Church which is Christ's Body, and His Headship), is only made known in Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1&2 Timothy and Titus, because it was hid in God, until it's revelation to Paul while in prison at Rome. Unsearchable and therefore not verifiable.

    In Christ Jesus
  7. ' ... ... I fill up
    the things lacking
    of the afflictions of Christ
    in my flesh,
    on behalf of His body,
    which is the church;
    of which I became a minister,
    according to the administration of God
    given to me for you,
    to fulfill the Word of God;
    the mystery
    which has been hidden
    from ages and from generations,
    but now
    has been revealed
    to His saints.
    For to them
    God would make known
    what are the riches
    of the glory of this mystery
    among the nations,

    which is Christ in you,
    the hope of glory,

    whom we preach,
    warning every man
    and teaching every man
    in all wisdom,
    so that we may present every man
    perfect in Christ Jesus.'

    (Col 1:24-28)

    This is part of the revelation given to Paul while in prison, and not the subject therefore of His earlier epistles. It is also not 'the gospel of salvation' made known to the unsaved, but is good news for those who are already believers, to the 'saints', as the verses above show.

    There are those who preach the gospel of salvation, who have no knowledge of this further knowledge made known to Paul (only), and therefore cannot preach it.

    Praise God!

    In Christ Jesus
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  8. Sad but true, However many times pastors get the short end of the stick. They think the people understood what was said and far to many times the people think the pastor said this or that and here come the mouths.

    Knocking this and twisting that and doing things that are foolish and calling it faith and falling flat on their faces and blaming what the pastor said.

    Then there are the no fault religion know them, no matter what happens, it's never their fault. It's either God's will or the pastors fault or some other person and in all truth it is Them allowing the devil to kill, steel and destroy.

    I am not speaking out against your writing or the writings of Paul but just sayen that far to many times pastors and ministries get the short end of the stick because carnal minded weak devil motivated Christians can't see the truth if God personally handed it to them.

    Blessings my friend
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  9. Yes I agree Jim, it's up to the individual believer to read the Scriptures for themselves.
    But my point is, if you handle the word of God, you need to preach – teach from the revelation of Christ by the Holy Spirit.
    Paul was not taught his gospel, he said his gospel was not taught to him "but by the revelation of Jesus Christ," the indwelling Christ," Gal. 1:12.
    It could be called the certified gospel, Gal. 1:11.
    There was no end to Paul's understanding and revelation of Christ in him, he said when it pleased God to reveal His Son in me, Gal. 1:16.
    Paul had the mind of Christ, I'm saying we can have the same revelation of Christ in us that Paul had.
    That is what is happening all over the world, people are beginning to see Christ as their only life revealed only by the Holy Spirit.
    It's not a new gospel, there is nothing new under the sun.
    It's the only gospel that the born-again is adhere to according to the Scriptures, that is where the apostle Paul comes in.
    I'm not saying the Lord didn't use the other apostles, but Peter himself said God Called me to preach circumcision, Paul did not argue with Peter he said if God called you to preach circumcision you better preach circumcision, God called me to preach on uncircumcision.
    They never did really get along, in one place Peter says, Paul sure is a hard man to take.
    They basically agreed to disagree, but Paul stuck to his guns. You will not find one bit of law in Paul's writings.
    James four instance is mostly law, do we throw that out, do we throw the book of James out, no it's the word of God.
    But you better be able to rightly divide the word of truth, and separate soul and spirit.
    James hated Paul and probably would have taken him out if he thought he could get away with it.
    And that Jim is what people cannot take, when confronted with the gospel of pure Grace, the gospel that was preached by Paul, his gospel, they cannot stand in the light Pauls message.
  10. Hello @Noblemen,

    You make assumptions here, for there is nothing in Scripture which gives us any intimation that Peter and Paul did not like one another, James either. They were just called to different callings that is all.

    There has been criticism made of ministers who do not take care about the way that they express themselves, in this thread, well, forgive me, but I find your assumptions to be equally blameworthy.

    We are not called upon to make assumptions, but to believe what is written. Peter was a minister to the circumcision, as was James, by the grace of God, and Paul to the uncircumcision by that same grace.

    May God be glorified

    With respect, if you are teaching others, you have the greater responsibility.
    In Christ Jesus
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  11. You are sadly mistaken Chris
  12. If you mean law as in Spiritual Law or Kingdom Law or another words how we are to conduct ourselves in the here and now in the Kingdom of God then yes it's law. ;)

    James got a revelation direct from Jesus brother. Remember James and his brothers thought Jesus was Loco Until His resurrection and it is obvious that Jesus also visited James after words.

    Now Paul's Gospel is a revelation as well but is not complete without James or anything else in the new testament.

    These men walked in Love which is a direct commandment from God to us today. Hate? No way brother.

    Each of them had their own assignment from God and none were any more important then the other.

    Paul said if any one teaches something different then what he taught was wrong. James, John, Peter, Luke or any other book recorded in the written word of God is Not against or oposed or of a different gospel then what Paul taught.

    Perhaps brother the folks Paul was referring to are those who have not heard the good news and were still under the old ways and all the hundreds of man made laws.

    Paul brought a new Gospel or way to be right before God to the gentiles. They had no new testament to read but they had Paul teaching something not heard of before. Many religious folks just like today spoke out against what Paul taught. Many ran their mouths like so many today crying out false teacher and heresy and so forth.

    Why do you think many still get hung up with what Paul said in Galatians 5:4 where he said you have fallen from grace.

    That is so simple to see that one needs help to misunderstand.
    They were simply letting go of grace this new gospel and returning to the old system that was done away with.

    People get hung up on words in God's word from their own understanding of the words meanings today.

    All Paul said was you are letting go of the truth or the only way for what is of no use. People try to make this one word fallen into a doctrine.

    Take caution how you interpret what is being said in God's word. :)
    Hate? No brother Love and Forgiveness. ..... God would not been able to reveal to them what He did if the had hate for a brother. That is all out sin, to hate a brother.

    Blessings my friend and looking forward to more fellowship one with another. I tend to look for you here for I know I can find truth and love.
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  13. Hey every one let's take caution to what we say in here. If it starts to get huffy or rude etc I Have To Bale from the thread and then I have to do warnings or reports and stuff. Please don't let it get to that point. I like posting with you in this.

    Thanks my friends
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  14. Forgive my sharpness, please, @Noblemen.

    I will take time out for a while I think.

    Bye for now
    In Christ Jesus
  15. James starts out "to the twelve Tribes of Israel" I don't know how you would interprete that but I see that as the Kingdom message, nothing to do with the born again.
    He is addressing as it states "the twelve Tribes of Israel."
    With that I'll clamp it Jim because your right it can get huffy, I don't want that myself, I enjoy our discussions.
    Blessings to you both, nothing personal Chris.
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  16. Scripture says "we are not as many which corrupt the word of God"

    Catholics, Mormons, JWs, and most protestants believe in works salvation.

    Catholics canonized curses over those who oppose their works doctrine of penance and alms for salvation.

    Jehovah's Witnesses say "Salvation is a free gift from God. It cannot be earned. Yet it does require effort on our part" [1]

    Mormons say "for we know that it is by grace that we are saved, after all we can do." Nephi 25:23

    But Jonah 3:10 says "and God saw their WORKS, that they turned from their evil way, and GOD REPENTED of the evil he said he would do unto them, and he did it not"

    Repentance is a change of mind.

    Salvation is simple: belief [In Jesus Christ].

    And it's as simple as that. There is only one step to salvation Believe. (John 3:16, 6:40, Eph 2:8)

    Turning from sin is a work. It's a fruit of the believer. It is not repentance.

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    '... ... our Lord Jesus Christ -
    Who gave Himself for our sins,
    that He might deliver us from this present evil world,
    according to the will of God and our Father:
    To whom be glory for ever and ever.
    Amen. ... ... '

    (Galatians 1:3b-5)

    Hello again,

    @Noblemen is right: there is an erroneous gospel being preached today, and it takes many forms: but essentially it denies the completeness of the finished work of Christ, and introduces works, as @Amorphous has said in his entry.

    Our standing before God is sure and certain, we do assuredly have life in His Name: and that gift of God, in Christ, we cannot lose. What we can lose is the honour of reigning with Him, and it is this that we desire to attain to, this requires that we remain faithful, and study to show ourselves approved unto God (2 Tim. 2:15), by rightly dividing the Word of Truth.

    It is so easy to see the faults in others, but we need to remain vigilant and to examine ourselves that we do not fall into the traps that others have sadly fallen into (eg., Demas - Col. 4:14; Philemon 1:24; 2 Tim. 4:10) . We have glorious blessings awaiting us, in Christ, in heavenly places, but we also have spiritual foes, wickedness in high places, which would seek to destroy the work of God, and to prevent us from remaining faithful. How we need to put on the full armour of God that we may stand in the evil day, having done all, to stand (Ephesians 6:11-18).

    We are individuals, whose fellowship is with the Father and with the Son, by the Spirit, but we are also One Body, within which Christ dwells. It is we 'corporately' who have that hope of glory. We need to love one another, not only in word, but in deed and in truth, by exhorting one another while it is yet day; and encouraging one another. Praying for one another, that we may all grow in grace and truth and in the knowledge of God, for we would all desire to be vessels of honour, meet for the masters use.

    'Hold fast the form of sound words,
    which thou hast heard of me,
    - (Paul)
    in faith and love which is in Christ Jesus.'
    '(2 Timothy 1:13)

    In Christ Jesus
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  19. I don't need rules!! Just kidding. Hi.

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  20. Your going to get thrown out already lol just kidding, welcome.
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