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    I've been suffering from kidney and liver failure for 3 years and all the efforts searching for cure turned out nothing But last 5 Months I read about a Man of God, Pastor Zion Nicols who prayed for people and their sickness was healed within 2 weeks of contacting the Pastor. I summon courage and contacted him and behold, he prayed for me and to God be the Glory I was healed completely and restored. I am creating this awareness of miraculous healing that God in Heaven used Pastor Zion Nicols to do in my life as a way of testimony and I really recommend him to those who are sick,unsuccessful business transactions,searching for their life partners,marriage restoration. Are you depressed or having any kind of satanic attack? is your marriage in shamble or working towards the edge of divorce? are you addicted to all manner drugs? then cry no more as God in his infinite mercy is ready to forgive you and walk you out of all your troubles if only you can accept him as your personal lord and savior build your trust in the lord and let the man of God who God have used to save my life give you total freedom. if you wish to contact with him then your problems are completely solved the rest will be history.

    Telephone number & email address removed. Always request permission from a senior staff member before posting contact information.

    Mrs Rachael Baylore
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  2. Welcome to CFS!
    Please take a few moments to read the Forum Rules here.
    Should you have any questions, please contact any staff member who would be able to help.
    I have removed the telephone number and e-mail address from your first post as you must first seek permission from a senior staff member.
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  3. thank you so much soul deep
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  4. My pleasure.
  5. Actually it is the other way around...
    the glory ALWAYS goes to our Lord and Saviour Jesus.
    Rather it is this pastor Zion Nicols who has been given the gift of faith to be used by the Lord to give you the gift of healing.
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  6. Welcome Baylore to cfs.
    That is one awesome testimony that you shared and Glory to God you are healed.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you.
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  7. I need to contact tho life I a mess, I dont seek healing...i just want someone to speak into my life ...and prosephy it'll get better.. And it actually happen.
  8. Welcome Baylore. Thank you for sharing your testimony of what God did for you. What a great God we serve. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

    Blessings of grace and peace be yours in abundance
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  9. Welcome Baylor! I like listening to two people: Jim Richards (who was on his death bed with congenital kidney failure) and Thurman Scrivner... both are on YouTube. Thurman doesn't charge anything for his sermons.

    God bless.
  10. Pancakes you know I love you my sister but it does not work that way. You don't need a prophetic word spoken over you to know that you and your life Will get better.

    You just got to take God at His word and put it into practice or another words do what He says in His word which means to also learn to stand and not give up.

    If a prophetic word was spoken over you, we'll you can bet you would still have your part to do.

    Besides the entire written word of God is as prophetic words being spoken over you.

    You Pancakes can and will rise above All this.
    Your brother in Christ
  11. That's the thing in trying and trying and I dont get many opportunities I feel stuck in my life...i see my friends just doing better and better..and I'm just stuck..i feel like I have a curse on my life or something

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