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Discussion in 'College and Youth' started by Tick, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. Best Friend

    Something has been bothering me lately, mostly about past experiances.

    You see, the first bestfriend I had ended up using me to get to my girlfriend, the second bestfriend used me to get himself popular then got rid of me. Now I have friends yes, but I had always wanted that bestfriend with whom we fool around, get into trouble and have a wonderful time. The kind of friendship that forms between two guys who have been friends since childhood. (I'm 16 by the way.)

    Anyways suddenly I'm in a real desperate need for a bestfriend who won't use me, a friend very similar to myself, not bound by modern corruptive thought.
    I have Christ as a bestfriend yes, but I need a "physical" one too.

    So the stupid question is, and I actually feel emberassed about saying this: Will God eventually....uhm...whats the word....allow me to meet (?) this perfect bestfriend of mine if I ask him? I know its stupid in a way, but I don't know what to really do, its like I'm using God...
  2. God knows the desires of our hearts. He can line up the right people at the right times for many reasons. Even for you to find a bestfriend who might even help you become closer to God. Pray on it. God answers prayers in many ways, some you may never even imagine. I will pray for you.
  3. Heh Tick we can't say what the future holds but we can say that God is very faithful.
    That is a good word Leap of faith- Seek Him first and He will give you the desires of your heart.
  4. Thanks I really appreciate it =]

    Thanks for all your replies, and I guess you are right, I will pray and wait patiently. Sweet my spirit is back up! ^^
  5. Do you go to Church ?
    I didn't really have many freinds while growing up, then when I joined the Church I am in now, I met some great people. Most are older than me, there are probably 2 or 3 around my age, but age doesnt matter.
  6. I am glad you're spirit is back up! :)
  7. Yep I do go to Church, but here only grown ups and old people still attend Church every Sunday. Its very rare to see a teenager like me. =/

    And thanks =]
  8. would anyone feel horribly offended if you went seeking a church with a more youthful crowd? same denomination I would assume. Speak to your church elders perhaps. They will hopefully understand your desire for Godly friends closer to your age and can possibly point you to a congregation to check out. There are certainly different crowds in different churches. A church with a message tailored for a younger set would be of great help in getting you fed in the areas that are relevant to your age.
  9. Some of my closest friends are from my youth group, my best friend is and i also have alot of close friends at my youth i didnt have beofore i joined, and they are always there to listen and dont mock your faith as they beleive the same. Throught my church i have also grown friends with some of the older members, one who i am so close with i see her as a second mum due to not having a close relationship with my own. I will pray that you find what you are looking for

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