Best Christian Novels

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  1. What are Some of Your Favorite Christian Novels You've Read or Heard About? Mine has to be:
  2. Pilgrims progress by john bunyan.
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  3. Frank Peretti's:

    This Present Darkness
    Piercing The Darkness
    The Oath
  4. The written word of God
    Author God
    Who has time to read anything else when there is fish to be caught ?
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  5. I like the book of Ruth.
    Its a great story.

    As for novel, well it was new to me. Novel meaning 'new story' these days usually means fiction, but i think it means more of a story. In other languages they call it a 'roman' like a romance. The Bible is like a romance. God romancing his people.
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  6. With happy ending.
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  7. The bible contains no fiction, which a novel is.
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  8. Sci fi...ezekiel
    Historical...esther, kings, judges, chronicles
    Saga...genesis testament letters
  9. The question posed to you is, "What are Some of Your Favorite Christian Novels You've Read or Heard About?"
  10. I liked the book, "The Shack". I read it in fifth grade. But then I realized that they portrayed God as a black obese woman. Don't read that book.
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