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  1. Athletes illustrate what it means to truly believe in a person in authority.

    A high school basketball player, for example, who believes in his coach because that coach is a former NBA champion, will do whatever that coach says. He believes the coach is right. If the coach says to change his technique in his shooting motion, he will do it even if it feels awkward and initially causes him to shoot worse. If the coach says to run four miles a day or lift weights thirty minutes each day, he will do it even though it hurts. If the coach says to pass the ball more and shoot less for the sake of the team, he will accept that role.

    Why? Because the athlete believes the coach knows better than he does what makes a winner. When you truly believe in a person in authority, you follow that person in complete obedience.

    The athlete who does not truly believe in the coach will not fully follow. He may believe things about the coach--that he is a former NBA champion, that he is honest, that his name is Michael--but believing in certain information and believing in someone's authority are two different things.

    Those who believe in Jesus not only believe the facts about his deity, atoning death, and resurrection, they believe in his right to direct their lives. True believers follow.

    Faith, Lordship of Christ, Obedience, Repentance, Submission, Surrender
    John 3:16; 6:29; Rom. 1:5
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  2. Amen!! :D

    I love how theology keeps God at bay and "christians" in the dark.
  3. Hello godbe4me.
    I see this differently. I am a competitive cyclist and have trained under the guidance of past champions.
    For me, it is more to do with faith than belief. I often say that I can trust my coach explicitly. I know he would never lead me astray on purpose.
    I have raced with him, and he practices what he teaches. Yes, I do believe what he says is true, to a point, but whatever he advises is more truthful than anything else he may say.
    It is much like we seem to tell our best friends the most sincere truthful advise than we would tell ourselves.
    To me, it is more to do with faith (being doubtless in doing the task) than believing (an agreement that the task will work).
    Belief is more of an agreement, and faith is more of putting that belief into action. Without that action, there is no works (accomplishments).
    I don't know if that makes sense.
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  4. Yes, makes perfect sense.
    Faith without works is dead. Amen

    Many sit on the pew and say they believe, but have they ever stepped in faith to back up their belief.

    I believe the Word so I speak the Word and faith comes by hearing the Word.

    I believed without seeing, and behold I see. I believed without hearing, and behold I hear. And each time I am blessed with seeing, or hearing, or feeling, my faith grows as I glory in the bright shining of His light He just taught me.
    From faith to faith and glory to glory we grow in His strength.

    Our belief is supported by our ACTIONS; those actions is called faith.

    People will sit and praise God for blessing them with the lust of the flesh; job promotion, new car, new home, more stuff... really?

    His Word tells us to forsake All, pick up our cross, and follow Him.
    No, not one is completely, whole heartedly following Him. No one has left mother, father, child, grandchild, house or land or your treasures within. Not one.

    All praise glory and honor be unto God Amen
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  5. I believe there are variations to such an expectation.
    The main one is having enough belief and faith to let go of everything for Everything, without hesitation, when called to do so.
    The question then becomes, can we accept loss without grief?
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  6. Yes I believe there are variations, each seed grows at a pace given to it, and as it hunger and thirst for "Life". There is a season for each building block of life; it is God who owns the blocks, the season's, the "life" of us ALL, it's His house this temple He dwells within.
    Good fellowship in the Lord all day. Amen

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