Belief a CHOICE?

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  1. Belief a CHOICE?

    A number of folks on these boards are saying or at least implying that they can consciously CHOOSE to believe things. If you are one of them perhaps one of you can help me. I have never been able to consciously CHOOSE any of the beliefs that I have and I would like to be able to do that - for example to effect a belief that it is possible for me to become a more compassionate person. If you think that you can consciously CHOOSE to believe things, I wonder if you might explain how you do it. What do you do at the last moment to instantly change your one state of belief to another? What is it that you do that would allow you to say, “OK, at this moment I have a lack of belief that ‘x’ exists or is true, but I CHOOSE to believe that ‘x’ exists or is true and now instantly at this new moment I do believe that ‘x’ exists or is true?

    Maybe you could use something like leprechauns to demonstrate your technique. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, a leprechaun is “a fairy peculiar to Ireland, who appeared in the form of an old man of minute stature, wearing a cocked hat and a leather apron.” So, assuming that you don’t already have a belief in them, how about right now, while you are reading this, CHOOSE to believe - be convinced without a doubt - that they exist. Now that you believe in leprechauns, my question is, how did you do it? How did you make the instantaneous transition from lack of belief to belief?
  2. To simplify: equate/ relate

    physical : non-physical
    food, bread : thoughts, words
    stomach : mind

    Can one choose what to believe (belief): Yes....... if one's stomach will accept the food...
    Can one chose what one believe (belief): No....... it is already in one's stomach....

    : )
  3. The biggest way is to renew your mind with the Word of God. Romans 12:2. One has to meditate (joshua 1:8) and the living active Word of God which is the truth will do the rest.
    God bless
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  4. rstrats greetings,
    Belief is a choice. We do choose what we beleive. If I told you that the big red hen in the barn really was a dog in another life and likes to chase cats. You are either going to beleive me or tell me I am off my rocker. That is a choice.

    Here is something else.........a persons very own words they speak - infact highly regulate what they believe. This is another reason God teaches us to speak His words and teaches us to keep words opposed to His wrtitten word out ofour mouths.

    Now scientist have proven many times over the brain Always stops what it is doing to listen to your very own words. Start thinking about something - then speak out loud and spell your name. What happened to what you were thinking on ? It switched to the spelling of your name. You speak something long enough and it is embeded into your thinkihg or believing.

    We are called beleivers for a reason - we choose to beleive Gods every written word and His ways. If you are having trouble beleiving some things of Gods word or ways then you need to keep His word before your eyes. Keep His words in your mouth or another words speaking His word. Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God. What is faith but beleiving.

    I hope this makes sense to you
    God Bless
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