Being true to who I really am in Jesus...

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  1. Being true to who I really am in Jesus...

    HELP! I just started a new job and for some reason anytime I get a new job, I just cant be true to myself. The lord has delivered me from smoking, drinking, and cursing. But for some reasons when I am at work and people around me are cursing and smoking all of a sudden I start cursing and wanting to smoke...How can I be true to who I am in Jesus my head I am just screaming NO NO NO you know you arent supose to be doing that but my mouth just keep going...I need help!
  2. Take pride in being different, special and unique, through Christ.
    Temptations are always around us but we do have to find that place where we are comfortable in our own skin.

    Don't be one of 'them'.
    Be the sweet, kind, caring girl everyone will grow to respect and love for her sweet, loving, and self respecting character.
    God will work you through it if you are willing.
    Love, Violet~
  3. Thanks Violet my dear! I can always count on a loving reply from you! Your words mean alot to me! :D

  4. Praise God in your trials, for He has given you an oppurtunity to develope your character, and grow! You have the Creator of the universe rooting for you, and you can call on Him anytime. When the temptation feels like too much, just focus on Jesus!
  5. Amen NoDoubt- God is greater than all our trials- if we get filled with His presence goodness comes out- if we have garbage buried in our hearts He allows it to surface do we can began to be free from it- praise God for His mercy and favour- praise God that He cares enough to see you delivered sister- when seen thru His eyes things began to take on a whole new perspective as we finally began to see that "all things work togeather for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose" Hallelujah !
  6. What you can do, is reading Christian books (theological) during your pause. (I don't know if you call it in Amerika, pause, I thought so)
    That will help you standing your ground in Jesus, You'll see that He will help you in the rest of the day.
  7. I was in a similar situation in my last job. I struggled also, because like you God had delivered me out of all those things too. Anyway, it was difficult, but I found that praying for my coworkers, everyday by name, really gave a compassionate heart for them. But for the grace of God I would be doing the same things, so I had nothing to be proud about.

    After a while, the strangest thing happened. I became something like the company pastor. I was strange, people would come to my office for prayer or for spiritual advise, even for evangelism.

    I was called on by the president of the company once to pray at a meeting of more than 200 managers from operations all over the world. It was awesome. It was humbling. It was one of the best ministries I have ever been involved with.

    Your work is your mission field. Your ministry there is as important as any ministry anyplace in the world. Like Violet said, just be yourself, but let them see that Jesus is the reason you are different and they will begin to want what you have.

    I am praying that God will gift you and direct you in the ministry He has called you to!:D
  8. Amen- I find it is best to worship as I work- it doesn't matter if it's out loud or not- for God to pour out through us we must indeed first be filled-if you spend your time in fellowship including God in your work (as well as everything else) you will find His love and His Words coming out of your mouth!
  9. This exactly the road to advise I was going to take. Be glad you have those trials because every time you make it through them your growing as a Christian and adding to your testimony.

  10. Amen RR- with no trails we would never have a chance to grow in our faith- embrace God's will and direction for your life and embrace whatever He lets come your way for He will allways bring good out of any situation we are trusting Him in :D - brother Larry
  11. Advice I will keep hidden in my heart..

    There is a song that I love it is called, In the word of God I have a Hiding place! That is such a true song...I came to me to just bring my bible with me to that when temptation comes I can go to my hiding place, yesterday and today something just kept telling me to bring my bible, but I didn't because I didnt think I would get a chance to read it, but yesterday and today God provided me with some "free" time and each time I said DARN! I should have brought my bible!! So from now on my bible will come with me to work, the bible says I will hide the word in my heart so that I might not sin against thee.... and that is exactly what I plan on doing.

    Thanks for all the encouraging words I will keep them with me while on the job. I know God has me there for a reason.

  12. Amen! Brother!:D

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