Being overly passionate for Jesus

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  1. Being overly passionate for Jesus

    I believe that there's nothing wrong in being over passionate or enthusiastic for God. I believe, we can sing loud and jump and praise God as much as we can at Church. If you are attending one that does not allow this to happen, you should either talk to the pastors and let them know or change to a Church were you have more freedom. I believe there is a spirit of religion within Christian Churches which needs to be dealt with.
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  2. There is no such thing as overly passionate about Christ in my eyes. I don't prefer to worship this way but it is a personal preference for me. But there is nothing wrong with those who enjoy worshipping like that doing so.
  3. I believe (personally) that everyone has a different and unique way of expressing their love and passion for God. It might not be the way of some but it is the way you express your feelings for God.

    I am a quiet type of person and I enjoy going to a quiet church (not dead where everyone in the pews is a sleep kind of quiet) where the people are just conversing with God and respecting His presence and enjoying the beauty of the Holy Spirit and reveling in the message at hand. I enjoy finding quiet time, like sitting in the closet with the door closed or going outside during the late afternoon when the sun is setting to talk to God and learn more about Him.

    Everyone has their way and maybe this is not the way for you, but it is the way for me.
  4. Hi Jeff :D

    You're absolutely right. Look what all Jesus went through for us because He had a passion for all to know His Father and to be saved. He created us with emotions to be used for good, for Him and has emotions Himself. He certainly didn't give them to us to use for bad and for the world. He had compassion, love, sorrow, he wept, he rejoiced, etc. Those are emotions. We should enjoy praising and worshipping Him.

    We are passionate about sports, about other people, our favorite pastimes, our political persuasion. But we think we are not to be passionate about God. If we aren't then He is not first place in our lives. To me that's what being our Lord means and we confess Him as our Lord when we got saved. If we become ''seeker sensitive'' and a man pleaser instead of pleasing God, we just become religious.

    In fact the word enthusiam come from two word, one being 'theos" which means 'god'. Enthusiam mean to be inspired by God, show excitement, express passion or interest in something.

    We should be free to worship Him. If we can't express our love and worship for Him then what does it matter about anything else? The Father is looking for worshippers

    John 4:23
    But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him
  5. Being overly passionate for Jesus is awesome.

    What happens in church should be done as the Holy Spirit directs us.
  6. Yup, you are so right! :D
    I raise my hands to praise God. And if I attended a church that wouldn't allow that, I wouldn't like it.
  7. I believe in some people's thinking a person can be '' overly passionate'' but I don't believe there is any such thing to God

    Amen. Even David danced before the Lord and when His wife ridiculed him the Lord was not pleased
  8. Amen

    Romans 8:14
    For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.
  9. Amen GS

  10. I believe the same way , Jeff .... Thank you for this thread as we can express our love of Jesus and what our passions are .

    Coming from a church where we dance in the Spirit , praise , worship and speak in tongues , I could not imagine it any other way .

    OUr God Is worthy to be praised honoured and adored and He covets ALL the praise . He is pleased when we are all in one accord and praising Him .

    You are right about the spirit of religion in churches today . They are denying the power of the Holy Spirit . They are just going through the forms ... We have freedom in the Holy Spirit and He has given us power and a sound mind .... freedom to worship and if we don't worship Him the rocks will cry out in our place . I don't want any rock to cry out in my place .

    I love you Jesus . You are Awesome .

    Being quiet is not an option .... iT IS A CHOICE AND I PREFER TO SHOUT HIS PRAISES.
  11. Jeff if I am reading this post correctly, you are implying that those who don't jump etc have "religion" and need to be "dealt" with.. I find your remark offensive.
  12. No I didn't say that. :D What I meant is that with passion comes a drive of excitement in the form of emotions (crying, laughing, dancing, singing and sometime even quietness). We see this excitement when we play or watch games. Not trying to be offensive, but I do believe that a lot of Churches have gone cold. We (including me) don't have this kind of excitement when we praise God. I am in the process of changing the way I worship God. I love Him so much and I want to see this passion in others around me. :)

    You know when a Church prohibits freedom. Senior leaders may want to keep the atmosphere quite trying to control the mass instead of letting the Holy Spirit do all the controlling. Sometimes there's lack of vision, gifts of the Holy Spirit, signs and confirmations. Yes, I do believe that if these things are absent, then there is a huge room of improvement.
  13. I know in Canada there are a lot of churches who just do not believe in the freedom of the Holy Spirit. And yes there also needs to be order which of course the Pastor does but when the moving of the Holy Spirit is evident , people are healed , and Jesus love is so strong that we have to love and hug all who are around and you want to pray with others that they receive the baptism with fire .

    Just recently our pastor felt led to ask all the young people to come to the front and us older ones to go and pray with them . That Sunday there was no preaching and the Holy Spirit took over and ministered to these kids . It was an awesome sight to see kids slain under the power . This is what our churches need . an old time revival . We need to get back to the New Testament where all were baptised in the Holy Ghost and then we will see our churches grow .

    We don't need all these fancy programs , to attrack people . They will hear about us and God's power and want to come and see what is going on in our church and why we are different . People will get saved , people will be healed , prodigals will come home , marriages will be restored .... Praise God .... Glory to His Name .

    When you feel a genuine love for our Saviour , you do not want to remain in the mundain , you want more of Him .
  14. Jeff , just a little footnote that I as a senior am so happy to see you hungry for more of the Lord . There is so much more and I love to see young people seeking for the fullness of the Holy Spirit . It really thrills my heart.
  15. Jeff scripture tells me that we should worship in spirit and in truth, to my knowlege it does not tell us to do this in the flesh. Does'nt scripture tell us over and over to put the flesh down? The flesh war's against the spirit.

    In the OT they praised and worshipped in the flesh which was acceptable to God at that time, but as scripture tells us we are under a new dispenstion..grace. I am not saying we should'nt show emotion (thats part of being human) but that doesnt mean that we must jump/dance etc . I have witnessed women jumping and dancing in the isle at a particular church and found it to be a disgusting display of the flesh....they are men who have a lust problem and this would not be building them up spiritually .in fact it would a stumbling block. Are we not told to put the needs of others before our own..and how would this behavour bring glory to The Lord?

    Some churches choose to have order in them...others dont. Yes there is Christian liberty but as we are told 1Cor 23/24
    All things are lawful for me, but all thing s are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not. 24 Let no man seek his own, but every man another's ....

    I and others love The Lord with our whole being and are zealous for the things of God... dont put us in the catagory of those who are "cold" just because we dont jump/dance etc when we praise Him...we too are led by The Holy Spirit..and wonderful things are happening in our church..lives are being transformed and The Lord is dealing is dealing with us as "a body" in a mighty way.

    We all need to praise and worship The Lord as we believe The Lord would have us to. Praise God it is before The Master we stand or we fall....not one another. We shall have to agree to disagree with this.

    Blessings to you my bro :)
  16. Jeff,

    As others have said i would also agree there is no overly passionate about Jesus. Worship and prayer and anything else that is abot our Lord needs to come from and be lead by the Holy Spirit. I think the Spirit of God moves in all of us differantly according to our personality and life experiences..but I also know that when He wants to change somthing if we are open and allow HIM to have control..He will moves us as He wills....and what a glorious thing it is to be lead by the Spirit!

    blessing to you brother, i am so thrilled with your posting.
  17. Its so good to see you posting more! And thanks for starting this forum so we can share about the things of the Spirit.

    God bless!
  18. I agree we as the Bride should be wholly in love with our Bridegroom. There is nothing absolutely nothing we should be more passionate or enthusiastic about.

  19. Amen Ezek , Ezek , Very good point and if we are not in love with Jesus and not passionate about Him then I think we need to revive our hearts and dig deep to see the reason why not . The disciples were passionate enough to die for Him .

    Celebrate Jesus , fall at His feet . Worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords . He is worthy to be worshiped and praised . When the Holy Spirit really gets ahold of you , you can't help but praise Him .

  20. Amen. Praises just flow out of your inner being.

    John 7:38
    He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.

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