Being overall spiritual in the world - Good and bad.

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  1. Being overall spiritual in the world - Good and bad.

    Really not helpful to God sometimes heres why;

    I remember Paul and how he said he would become all things to all people so he may reach them.
    I remember him saying he would become like a Jew to reach a Jew and so on.

    Because these people can not see God. So why do we act as if they can??
    Do we want to save them or push them further away?
    Im really not implying anything other than good discernment in the world.
    Isn't wearing a cross enough of a statement that you are of God and work for Him alone? shouldn't we then be demonstrating the love of God so they will think?:smiley180:

    This is weird, because I am writing this here, then I am about to write something in the evangelism forum that says be more spiritual, lol.
    Heres some scripture to think about.

    God bless and once again I am not saying to stop giving credit for God for what He is worthy for, just to discern your surrounding and act in a way thats of BEST benefit to God.
    Sometimes its best not to say certain things to certain people, everyone of the unsaved needs slightly different things to find God.
    Make the statement you are a Christian yes, for sure 100% - But act in a way thats of benefit to the unsaved so they may be drawn closer.

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