being less intelligent

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  1. being less intelligent

    very easy to be manipulated,by a more intelligent being.but the glory of God is this,he see,s us all the same.
  2. if lets say satan,lower than God inflicts misery on the lowest of God,s people by his intelligence.the same will be done to him.says Jesus christ out Lord.
  3. it's not about intelligence.. but about truth.. and wisdom.
  4. Hard words but true.
  5. Amen , Michael . In God's eyes we are all created equal.
  6. True.
    Its often the more intelligent people that are the easiest to fool. But truth does not fool anybody. It brings life.
  7. Yeshua of nazareth is the Way the Truth and The LIfe.
  8. Intelligence and mindpower are great in the right direction. The direction of truth. But you get that much more of a disadvantage when you use that powerful mind in the wrong direction. Youre that much more wrong, cause youre so smart. lol.

    I lift my eyes unto the hills. Where does my help come from.... My help come from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.
  9. the lowest is protected by the bullying in this house.:)
  10. The exalted will be humbled and the humble will be exalted.

    1 That those who are arrogant due to their ignorance will be humbled to

    2Those of self will be broken and will yield to the Holy Spirit.

    3 Those who wan't to be first will be last

    4 Those who want to be great will be least.

    5 The poor will be rich and the rich poor

    6 The one who listens is the one to teach.

    7 The one whois the teacher is the servant to the one that listens

    8 The one who washes the feet is the one who's feet will be washed.

    9 The one that loves others like himself will be loved.

    10 The one that gives His life for his friends gives his life to Him.

    11 Love God with all your heart mind soul and strength and He will love and respect you

    The law of Heaven :)

    God bless
  11. Another thought .... Jesus had no schooling , but He had been schooled by our Heavenly Father and knew more than the Pharassees at an early age of 12.

    Praise God ... If we put our hand in the hand that calms the water .... How can we go wrong ?

    I would rather the Holy Spirit teach me .
  12. I don't know if intelligence has anything to do with whether or not a person is easy to fool. I do believe, however, that a person who isn't trusting in his intelligence is more apt to listen to the truth rather than determining what the truth is by his own reasoning and understanding.


  13. That is worth repeating Univac .... Thanks
  14. I agree with Jon.
    Just because your IQ is higher than someone else's, does not make you easier to manipulate. Sure, I have met some very intelligent people who believe in some pretty wacky things, but that's their own choice and reasoning.
    Everyone thinks differently, sees the world differently. We can't squeeze everyone into a box because of their intelligence, and lack thereof. Not all intelligent people are the same.
    The thing that gets people manipulated is not their intelligence, but if they want to believe in it. People are people regardless of what college they went to or if they're an Einstein. It's their choice, not ours. If they want to believe that a cow is a god, that's their choice. And many smart and not-so-smart people believe this kind of stuff.
    Wisdom is greater than knowledge, for many reasons. Just because you're knowledgable doesn't mean your wise, and just because your wise doesn't mean your knowledgable.


  15. There is a lot of wisdom being put forth in this thread. Any mental activity that is not surrendered fully to Christ is simply an unrenewed soul trying to grasp and contend with the truth of God's creation. This will always lead to error and deception. Only when viewed through the eyes of His truth (Jesus) can intelligence be an asset,void of that it is but a snare.
  16. What people need to do is to stop trying to analyze God and to understand Him, or to explain Him away because believing in such a God isn't "logical". Our finite minds cannot comprehend an infinite God. We are to trust Him by FAITH and not by our own understanding.

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