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  1. Is it cool to raise a child with biblical principles in today's modern living?
  2. I'm not sure what you mean by cool, however it is a very wise thing to do.
    If you are worried about a child not fitting in with others, I think this isn't such a big problem.
    Of course being raised with Christian principles is OK today, after all, Christianity is the largest religion in the world and many parents will raise their children with these principles.
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  3. I ask is it cool, because my sons teacher seems to think children shouldn't have to follow bible principles if they don't want to. And the things I teach my son, his mother don't believe in it.
  4. People have their own beliefs, however is it wrong? No, of course not.
    When I was young I had a Christian upbringing, drifted away at times and now I'm a priest.
    My personal opinion; it is cool to bring your child up like that but remember, the child's mother can influence her beliefs too.
    Stay strong in faith my friend, God is watching and working.
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  5. Welcome to CFS, Christopher!


    In answer to your question, it is the only way to go!
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    Welcome! Grace and peace be yours in abundance!

    Stay strong in what you want your son to know. It will be a great value to him in a lot of ways!
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  7. Welcome!! :D

    Yes it's super cool! I did and I have 3 wonderful adult kids! All because of the Lord's instructions.
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  8. Welcome Christopher :)
    I just wanted to say that to me there is only one perfect standard of what is right and that is Jesus. Applying and teaching through this perfect standard will not lead you wrong.
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  9. Amen. I totally agree
  10. Go for it. Christ is the way, the life, why have it any other way.
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  11. Amen. Well said.
  12. Hi Chris my brother from another mother :D Yes sir it is WAYYYYYYY cool to bring your child up in Christ. his heart and soul will be protected by the love of God.
    Once you get out in the open plains you are fair game for the predators, and there is a lot of them:eek:
    You know what is right, I saw your video. Keep on teaching brother. God Bless you abundantly!
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  13. Hi. Thank you for your feed back and encouragement. May god bless you right back abundantly likewise.
  14. Hi Chris

    Welcome I am new here too. It's a great site and I have learned a lot reading past discussions here.

    I had my children in my 20s when I was still exploring faith. I am in my 50s now and recently confirmed.

    One of my greatest regrets is that I did not make that commitment sooner and bring my children up to be Christians I thought I was being oh so clever teaching them both the Christian creationist teachings and the evolutionary view and letting them decide for themselves.

    My children are all adults now and, although the seeds of faith are there none of them truly believe....... Yet.

    I pray that as they mature they will seek God as I did.

    Teach your children how to live as Christians. I truly wish I had.

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  15. Hi sharon. Thank you for your reply! It's very encouraging to me. You show me I'm doing the right thing. I can feel your heart in your message. I pray in agreement with you that your children will seek god.
  16. Welcome Christopher!! Hope you have blessed time here at CFS..
    Cool is one way to say i guess.. Certainly, it is best to bring up kids based on biblical principles. The fruits they bore will be so very evident.
  17. I'm a big believer on bible principles! Especially the book of proverbs. So I agree with you , so thank you for your input.

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