Beheading Utube, Should You Watch It?

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  1. I was looking for the beheading of the journalist,
    they removed it from utube
    but I saw one of Islamic looking man,
    he held the knife above his head and prepared to swing,
    he gave a couple of practice swings
    then cut off the head....
    of a fish. it was funny.
    But I was looking because I thought to myself
    I need to be shocked by reality and not live in bubble
    or do I? or am I just being entertained by suffering?
    We know there are evil people out there doing evil things to others,
    we also know that the world of 1970's 80's of a nice insulated existence no longer exists.
    Are you ready?
    Are you mentally tough enough ready for what is about to come on the whole world to test mankind?
    But can that being shocked, scared straight, improve your faith,
    can watching such give you a kick in the pants to get your act together?
    or just give you sleepless nights and feelings of frustration?
    Can you handle the truth, or is the truth better left alone?
    Better to face the day when it arrives rather than worry for years.
  2. ''Better to face the day when it arrives rather than worry for years'' Amen!
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  3. Not watching it. Why encourage them? They are evil and vile.
  4. No...

    Philippians 4:8 (KJV)
    Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things [are] honest, whatsoever things [are] just, whatsoever things [are] pure, whatsoever things [are] lovely, whatsoever things [are] of good report; if [there be] any virtue, and if [there be] any praise, think on these things.
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  5. I've watched videos of them hacking someone's head off with a knife. It was very unpleasant to say the least. Why did I watch it? I had to see for myself the level of evil that the Muslims have in them.
  6. The sound it makes is always the worst part.

    After watching videos like that, it does remind me of the evil that is in our world. When realizing how evil the world is, it makes me want to get as close to God as possible.
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  7. No.. It makes me feel like a girl.. When I watch something that gruesome, I feel like crying.. I start imagining what it would be like if myself and my family are in that position.. Then I end up with tears
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  8. It is not just Muslims.

    It happens everywhere.
  9. Sadly, due to a foul childhood, scenes of death and violence do not sway me.

    I do not agree with these acts, but I am no more moved by the sight of them as I would seeing someone buy a newspaper or drive a car.

    I had to let go long ago due to the horror of the idea that the body is actually the person.

    We do not hold out a finger and say, I finger, we say my finger. It is owned. I say we are like a can of soup. Do we treasure the can? No the soup inside. The can is merely a means of transport.
  10. The reality is that OUR hearts are black... Full of sin and death... At least as black and evil as those men beheading others for enjoyment. Unfortunately, we like to think that somehow, WE are different from those SINNERS over there..... Are we more righteous because we wear our "I am Righteous" hat and don't BROADCAST the guts spilling on TV?.....

    In some cases... It's worth it to remind yourself of what really lives inside YOURSELF..... Wanna see what YOU are capable of doing... Watch Youtube and find out..... but don't fall into the trap of blaming the OTHER GUY for it....
  11. And how do you know they enjoy it?

    How many soldiers enjoy killing? Not many.

    That kind of pathology is not normal in people. They turn off to do what they do, that is the reason for basic training. But few would actually enjoy.

    I think you may want to step back and take a look at that idea.
  12. Not where I live.
  13. Where do you live that there are no murders?

    I'd like to go there.
  14. I can't promise you won't be murdered but the chance of you getting your head cut off are really slim.
  15. Oh well, was hoping I'd find a murder free zone.
  16. Canada?
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  17. LOL Ok, if I had had liquid in my mouth when I read that, it would have promptly been all over my desk, keyboard, and monitor!! Too funny!!! :LOL: :ROFLMAO:

    Seriously though, when I lived there, there was a guy decapitated on a bus trip somewhere, Toronto maybe, by the guy behind him... just 'cause. They didn't even know each other.
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  18. Nope there is still murder there.

    This is a perilous world... because it is fallen.
  19. I can't imagine that. You're probably going to have to show me some evidence. I hear it's so safe they don't even lock their doors. I saw this in a documentary.

  20. Province/Territory Canada N.L. P.E.I. N.S. N.B. Que. Ont. Man. Sask. Alta. B.C. Y.T. N.W.T. Nvt.
    Homicide 1.56 0.59 0.00 1.79 0.79 1.34 1.20 4.10 2.69 2.19 1.54 0.00 11.53 14.84

    Rates per 100,000 people.

    So it looks better in PEI and YT, but NVT is not good at all.

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